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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Contact me

Have any question? Want me to preview your product? But too shy to comment here ? Not sure how to contact me? Or it can be anything

Its not a big problem...since you can contact me at

At the same time, I do accept advertising at my blog (sponsored post, product review, advertorials, upcoming events / workshop).

It can be product review, service review, women stuffs, family stuffs, food review, kids & parenting related, etc  

You can contact me on the above email address for further information. *Please accept my apology, if I do not reply to your mail immediately, as it might went to spam and at the same time I am not a full-time blogger*

Meantime, you can check out the link on product review, sponsored post, sponsored giveaway, and blogger event.


  1. hi, i enjoy reading your blog. I have a question, can husband stay overnight under the FPP scheme at putrajaya hospital?


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