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Wonderful motherhood

Friday, July 4, 2008

Gue tension

Gue tension…tahap tak tahu....
When comes to quarter, I need a lot of “nonsense” or exactly jajan untk dimakan* and also songs to sing…lalala ..apa yg penting kerjasama..wonderpets2…yeay..*

All the nonsense + stress berjaya membuatkan terasa seluar yg dipakai tu terasa ketat..huhuhu…saket ati….saket gigi bongsu xmembuatkan aku untk berenti makan pun…sbb mulut+otak tak leh bg arahan untk stop….
I really dunno why today I felt so disappointed…dunno it that the co not good? Or its just I’m bored….ya, what I know I love my job…but I really think that I do not see the path of my career in 1-2 years…*huhu xkan asek maintain nama kuli bawahan aje..sorry ya boss…I need some career enhancement*
My window departure is around early of this year…and I already got opportunity to move to other team *bigger than my team* but at that time one of team member is on maternity leave and my team leader just new to my team…so I decided not to go for this internal rotation…but now if I want to move to other team I need to wait until my next window departure which will be next year around August…*sigh..not good* because if I’m staying in this team and if the backup plan always xjadik, then I will doing again year end closing, and the most important thing answer all the “brilliant” question from auditor…*that’s why I don’t want to become auditor*….i hate to ask “brilliant” question…I love to ask “super genies” questions…haha..auditors, ex auditors, future auditors…jangan kecik hati..this is just my opinion….or you might realised this when you become normal people like me =)
Ok back to the day…since I really in a bad mood, I already spoilt penghulu segala hari…esp in the evening…huwah I really cried..maybe I do not receive any sign for job yg aku dh pi interviewnyer 2 kali and at the same time I felt like xtahu masa depanku with my current job.…so menangis semahunya di depan mr fiancee…*ya you r my shoulder to tadahla bahu dan tisu untk sy ni…*
Mr fiancee plak cool sajer..even boley kata tunang dia ni comel walaupun menangis *hoho..tu ayat carik makan ke??* so he asked me to have special dinner with him to cool down my day *hoho mcm sajer je haku ni angin xtentu pasal..owh tidak..adakah kerana aku sudah tua..maka perangai ini yg jadik??*
So kitaorg ke one utama, after pusing, we landed to Italiannies...

*foccacia & tuscan bread with balsamic vinegar & olive oil..tbaca kat blog lain ni nama menunya*

after sesi pujuk dgn makanan berakhir..kami balik..n again tomoro i need to come to ofis to setel my job...when love and hate collide...


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