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Wonderful motherhood

Friday, August 1, 2008

2nd year anniversary

Today is my 2nd years anniversary with this co…
My wish that there will be no 3rd anniversary..instead I’ll celebrate 1st anniversary next year with XYZ *still unidentified which co...hoho .. but how sure I can new job???…but I really hope that I can find new job before I get married…*
I think I need new job so that I can fully utilise my capabilities as well as gain other experiences. Besides, I really wants to improve my leadership skills. I want people to recognize my potentials, skills and my professional certs that I have …*hoho by name I’m already accountant..ya at the back of my name I can put ACCA, but I don’t think so my company cares about this*
I’m not saying that my current job nor my company is not good, it’s just I think that I cannot move anywhere and at the same time I cannot see any future *hoho the competition is also high since I just know that my department reaching 160 staffs and soon it will growing…maybe I do not shine compared to others but I believe I have doen my best*
Sorry for my company…I do not hate you..its just sometimes loyalty doesn’t pays but royalty pays…
till then..xoxo


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