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Wonderful motherhood

Monday, August 18, 2008

Shopping spree

Womens top ranking preference will be shopping…although we do not have enough cash we still love to window shopping *not good for credit card holder, since you might bring bag something with your swipe…*
Not to mention that, eventhough the shopping complex will look alike sardin dlm tin *maybe sardin pun still boleh breath* or mcm bas mini kat shah alam *back to my uni time…siap berdiri depan pintu..eventhough very dangerous but that will be the best option to rushing back to college*..penuh dgn segala manusia, women still love shopping….esp J Card Members Day *saya pun di situ juga*
Even my kedai runcit is Midvalley *hehe canggih kan? groceries beli kat carefour or jusco..since sometimes it will be cheaper compare to kedai yg ada kat area rumah and I must have hari membeli barang2 keperluan 1 hari dlm setiap bulan..maybe after married it will change to more frequent kan dear?*
Me and my dear already shopping for big day *tarikh xde but we still buy benda2 yg x expired la…* where we shop? Hmm almost everywhere…until one stage I have wrongly pronounce. I want to go Jusco, but instead I’m prounced it as Juckson *combination of Jucso and Parkson I guess..summo at that time we have shopping spree from Sunway Pyramid to One Utama*
What we have bought? Hmm adalah sekian2 benda dan sekian2 amaun tlh dicharge kpd kad kredit sy *encik-tunang-saya mengaku dia sylah menteri kewangan tidak rasmi*
Although sakit kepala, sakit badan, kaki dsb…there is still benefit that we get

One card

We manage to get the card dr pembelian yg banyak itu di suatu tempat dlm one utama...and the benefit is really good..since we already experience it…on Sunday afternoon, it will we pretty enough to get parking in one utama *smpai parking tempat baru itu ditutup, and need to proceed to open parking* but for one card can easily dpt masuk and manage to get parking tanpa berpusing2..
Besides that one card have a privilage parking area *it will charge rm2 for 1st 6 hour* but it will helps you a lot esp about parking..tak perlu pening2 pusing2 or sampai bergaduh dgn org lain hnya sbb parking!!!
Besides they have other special offer *if not mistaken, for this month, discount 10% on Paris Hilton bags and lots more* they will email you for the dun worry, you will be updates

J Card and Parkson

We have this rm 40 voucher from Jusco *no expiry date* and rm 30 voucher from Parkson *early next month expired* Still thinking what to spend on parkson voucher..

So gals lets go shopping....sblm mega sale berakhir this 1 September *as usual there will be YES so still have time untk kumpul duit for next shopping spree kan2...*


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