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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thai Express and I like

Last Thursday (31/7) we went to the curve+cineleisure, purposely to join the crowd “I like” …no purchase require, just queue up together with the advertisement and hoping that our luck can win new car from Hyundai…
Since both of us fasting, so we decided to break the fast 1st and pray followed by joining the crowd.
So for our JJCM this time we decided to eat at Thai Express *ya, I know that I still not post any JJCM Q2 ’08..will try soon..*
I ordered sweet and sour chicken (rm14.90 including rice) and hot lemon tea (rm4.90), while my dear choose to try banana milkshake (rm8.90) and bangkok chicken rice (rm16.90)
They serve quite fast and the food sooo tasty *thumbs up*
Last but not least, we have our dessert, and I choose red bean dessert (rm7.90) *based on the menu, it seems to be yummylicious*
The red bean dessert is actually read bean paste served together with coconut milk and coconut ice cream * I really have to say that the ice cream was soooo heaven…so yummylicious*
After praying, we rushed to the queue and guess what by 8.15pm, the crown was so happening. The MC announced that yesterday by 8.30pm, somebody has won the car *hoho so lucky*
We waited patiently and at the same time hoping that one of us will win the car *although Hyundai will only shows the car on launching day 1st August*
Our turn comes almost 10pm *clap clap at least we still have another hope*.After picked one key from 1,200 keys in the box, both of us open the padlock The result, both of us not so lucky….we do not managed to open the padlock…but I’m happy since we tried and one more thing I’m happy since I know that thai express serve best dessert *dear, I know my face expression was to much, but seriously I really like the dessert!!!*


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