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Wonderful motherhood

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Buka Puasa in the heart of KL

Jeng jeng jeng....Guess what?
I have my iftar (buka puasa) here last Friday
Well I know the price to pay is RM 85++.....but saya dapat makan for free *kena tulis kecik2 takut orang jelous*
Itu rezeki since my ofismate is one of the commitee member for our co. annual dinner *she's the head of it...so usually I will know the story before spread to the whole co*. KLCC has invited her and the rest of commitee to join the buffet for free..since few not able to join it...she asked me to replace *kecil tapak tangan, satu klcc saya tadahkan...who will say no for food and its free..again tulis kecik2*
In Islam, we should be moderate in everything. And for myself I would say that for RM 85, I can spent it for a week of buka puasa spending *and by spending about RM 10 a day in bazar ramadhan, we might can have a lot of foods..maybe nasi tomato,kuih2, murtabak..a lot!*..but again they are doing their business and I believe they need to price it by following the market. We have an option either to try it or leave it..*hmm enuff..back to the main story..*

*pentas utama*

We managed to arrived the place just on time. The waiter was really good by offering and serving us some Malay kuih and teh tarik *with 2 option which is normal and herbs teh tarik (not sure what kind of herb..tongkat ali, kacip fatimah??)* I choose normal teh tarik and it was really good...sedapnya....:)

There's a lot of foods station..I will try to list as many as I can

  • rice with varities of lauk-pauk such as gulai nangka, fish sambal (look nice but kerasnya ikan tuh), prawn sambal (really nice)
  • dessert – mini cakes, pudding, fruits
  • briyani station
  • sate station
  • yong tau foo station
  • nasi ayam station
  • fried kuetiaw, bihun, mee sup station
  • roti canai, murtabak ayam, daging wih dhall and curry
  • pulut serawa (sticky rice and durian gravy)
  • venison (hehe..i really wonder until my fren kata this is daging rusa...adding foods into the plate as adding one vocab)
  • kebab station
  • ayam percik, tandoori
  • cucur station
  • lemang, rendang, etc
  • varities of malay kuih – tepung pelita, talam, cara berlauk, putu piring and also kuih raya – karas, baulu, muruku, batang buruk
  • drinks station
  • for the rest..hehe tak ingat...sorry

Phew...I have to admit that I ate a lot on that day *they close the buffet on 10pm..but by 930 I have left it since take some times to visit camera shops* Overall the food pretty good *except for fish sambal and tepung pelita...which not so nice* I really enjoy eating since almost everything nice..esp for murtabak, briyani, batang buruk, teh tarik...

For the rest of the story, refer to the pics *not so clear since I'm using camera hp..still looking for new camera..uwa*

*starter..first round..talam and tepung pelita*

*clockwise :ayam percik,kueteow goreng, murtabak daging & ayam*

*3rd round clockwise:nasi impit& sate, kuih (not sure), cara berlauk,cucur badak, briyani ayam, fish sambal (middle)*

*4th round clockwise: pulut tai2, mini choc cake, batang buruk, pudding*

*5th round pulut serawa*

*6th round right:venison, left:prawn sambal*

*malay kuih and kuih raya*

*background music*

*middle : blue lychee..the rest tak ingat..futhermore x sempat try..*

*guess??? this is venison-daging-rusa*

*saya yang kekenyangan.....Alhamdulillah (praise to God)*


  1. i miss ramadhan buffet. i usually prefer the restaurants buffets to hotels. they might have lesser options but the food are uaully better and cheaper. I cant really eat much for buka so memang tak berbaloi.

  2. to salt n turmeric : agree buffet ni mcm rugi sket..tapi klu free xkan nk tolak ek..hehe


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