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Monday, September 15, 2008

Maternity wear solution

Opss..looking to the topic will makes people confius *ms tepung not yet not pregnant yet..only once i'm married to encik-tunang-saya..*
I'm writing this topic because it relates to yesterday gathering *ya ya...sharing the info...i will post about it later..since need to find my card reader..calling for my card reader..where are you..plz find me*

And of course this morning I'm still curious what is the Belly Belt?... *hot mama u still can wear your favourite jeans during pregnancy by using this gadget *should I call as gadget? *erk...if hard disk, sd card should be ok but belly belt would be accessories kot..more appropriate...*

Then..I found this site -> click here (descrition and including FAQ)
So I have better understanding and no more imagination *actually i can imagine..but only so-so* ....This maternity wear solution is great but bear in mind this should be wear together with long shirt..otherwise there will be accident or awful incident.. *hoho of course the seller would not be responsible* for husband..if you found this unfamiliar belt, don't throw it away..since this thing will help your wife looks great and at the same time she will not asking for new clothes *you can save it for the medical cost, diapers, etc...but if she ask for 1-3 new clothes buy for reasonable la....karang dia merajuk lagi susah..more expenses untuk sesi pujuk-memujuk plak*


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