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Wonderful motherhood

Friday, December 12, 2008

Entry to be deleted???

Happy friday everyone...

Do u miss me??? *ok..sesi perasan..ke*

Yes...I'm ok now..and still struggling with my new place new job

Phew...I just know my FM is from France....and soon maybe I will meet my boss from China *I have boss here and also there...since multiple tasks.....sounds sooo international...but pays not in USD...ok?*

So later I have to pick up with all accents *I think this is the reason that I must post the entries in English....sharpen all the broken, berhabuk, berkulat, berkarat English that I have*

I have soooo many story to tell...but let me familiarised with MS Words, Excel 2007 *yes it looks so weird with me..aiyo adakah ofis2 kerja lama sgt ketinggalan..atau sy yg ketinggalan....?*

Soon to be update...just be patient....Stay tune...


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