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Friday, December 5, 2008

I love to move it....move it

It sounds that I'll leaving blogspot after my 100th entry *opss how can I leave this blog so soon after all the while become addicted to it..kan?* Plus I still owe Facts and Fun about Bukit Tinggi...

It's time to move for my career developments (yes this is the only reason plus monetary reason) ...Here is the last msg that I send to my colleagues by using the very last time @xxxxx.com *pstt the purple wording is additional wording for blog okie?

Dear frens,

It's Madagascar fever and it's time for me to move....;p --- > where I’m moving..you can check with my teammates…

Yes, today is my last day here, and would like to say 'Goodbye' to all of you. *as well as for my bonus..sob sob sob*

And, a big 'THANK YOU' for everything...farewell, guidance, support, friendship,dried mangoes,“share the fat”, even become telangkai - this is tangkai munge matchmaker, and for every single things which I'm not able to list out here.

It has been a great experience working and knowing all of you.

Keep in touch...my email xxxx@xxxx.com. You also can add me as friend in friendster as well. I know that nowadays facebook-ing is much more addicted. Unfortunately, this is still not applicable for me...Instead I am concentrating to blog-ing and feel free to drop by my blog http://tepungpelita.blogspot.com/ --- > erk..am I far away from this "very in things"nowadays? agaga..I guess blogging is much more fun :)

Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity, to extend my sincere apologies if I have offended any of you in any ways.

All the best in the future !!!

Best regards, ---> actually i'm thinking to put xoxo, but nevermind la
~ms tepung~ ---> of course I put my real name

so how do you think my last msg...is it sound silly? I think this is the most personal type of msg...*haha, I'm trying not to copy any farewell/ goodbye msg and by looking to the email title also, maybe people think that I have become crazy *aha..bkn nk hntr kat super big boss pun*

urm actually its really hard to write farewell msg compared to what i've write all the while in this blog...and i'm really touched because Rahman dedicated Mr Big's song..Wild world...sob sob...

*Does my face happy like these 2 babies for this resignation?*
Scrool down

As usual, enjoy the pics taken towards the end of my employment.... *opss..including food review also*

*the last balance sheet review meeting...*

*the cozy place for farewell...*

*starter : gado-gado..urm i still can taste the kuah kacang*

*nasi desa*

*javanese chicken with rice*

*pecal lele*

*dessert of the day and wedang jahe?*

The farewell was at Brisik Jaya One *it somewhere in PJ..nearby UIA PJ) . They serve Indonesian-Malaysian food. The price is reasonable and the taste really yummylicious.

If you choose to have special dishes set from Tanah Pasundan Jawa Indonesia *price range from rm19.50 to rm99-this is sharing for 4*, it will comes with starter-gado gado, main dish - you can take either nasi desa, pecal lele, javanese chicken with rice and few more options ..if not mistaken about 12, drink- wedang jahe..let guess..its teh o halia and dessert of the day - which we have thick yummy sago

Not to mention that the set will be serve in a very big plate *or specific tikar mengkuang style*...together with 3 types of sambal ikan bilis, sambal belacan, sambal hijau..fried tofo, tempe, tomatoes, cucumber...sedapppp!!!
*thanks all...I will belanja later -specific on my wedding day*

*suprise for encik-suami-tak-jadi..*
*hepi birthday....*
*the happy faces......*

special note : I have decided to inherit a bottle of minyak cap kapak for my teams :p.it will reliefs all of you when year end and stat audit come..hehe dun kill me

*yg mana 1 idaman kalbu...?*

*hot chicks..and hot mommies*

Surely gue akan RINDU sama kakak (mala), zah, yanie, ayien makcik, jaspreet,saro, aini, praba, cira, rahman, kuchai, nizam, kah hin, balbir, jaclyn.....and all....sorry guys i couldn't list out here....If you're not listed here please do not angry with me....because you'll be in my heart


  1. hoho... letak gambo bakal suami tak jadi la plak.cess...aq tau, pasni mesti ko tak kn dpt invitation g umah fara fauzana lg.jgn sedeh dey, ko dh amik gambo dgn dia ari2...

  2. i'm surprised...
    ur encik suami tak jadi is my fren..
    study sama2 kat matriks n ukm...

  3. tea_cHeer...ahaks dh farewell cum birthday dia..so ltkla hambar

    klu dpt jemputan aku dtg, klu xde aku xdtgla....huhu tu guna ada kamera or at least phone kamera leh amek gmbr

    diamilikku...yeke?alamak keciknya dunia..
    kuchai oo kuchai...kawanmu terjejak kasih kat sini...


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