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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

List-to-do..for my checklist..

Hrmm..sometimes it likes stuck in my mind…so many things to do…so many list to do…*including blogging*

Where I should start…it has been a week with the new place…new environment..Alhamdulliah everything fine and I’m still coping with all things…
So far I’ve seen good things…I got 2 co shirt and cap..not to mention laptop bag..*some says that I’ve joined at the right time as it will be more gifts towards end of the year…hip hip hooray..besides eating out with boss even with FM *but of course I still have to learn his French accent….agaga…even we do followed him after lunch to do some hunting for Christmas gift…and I found this nice concept furniture can stack up like rocket and if you arrange it can become 4 seat + chair *

Click here for more....*the above chairs cost RM25k..which can cater for my wedding seh*

Ok enough for time being about job, now focus to the main+ serious + super hectic + good things that will be coming soon…It’s all about wedding…I know I have written few series wedding checklist which still not yet finished *don’t worry I will write it until finished..* and at the same time I will write for my wedding updates

Hereby all the way ~ms tepung~ wedding checklist, checklist perkahwinan, checklist kahwin/kawen, wedding budget dan kawasan yg sewaktu dgnnya

Husband-to-be : Encik tunang
Date : Fixed *just wait for my ticker to be somewhere in this blog*
Place : Nikah - masjid . Balai raya – booked. Cost – RM 350 to be paid later
Kursus kahwin : Done. Zura’s Akademik. Cost – RM 80/head
Documents to be submit to Pejabat Agama : still compiling
Barang2 hantaran : almost done
List barang2 hantaran:-
From him
1. Maskahwin
2. Wang hantaran
3. Cincin & gelang
4. Sirih junjung
5. Telekung
6. Perfume
7. Kasut *I read that its not good to give shoes as ianya terletak di bawah…so its not nice to put it together sama taraf dgn barang yg lain..but after all both agrees to put it in our list*
8. Handbag
9. Chocolate

From me
1. Sirih junjung
2. Tafsir &sejadah
3. Perfume
4. Kasut
5. Wallet& belt
6. Shirt & pants
7. Cake
8. Chocolate
9. Fruits
10. Cincin
11. Potpourri

Shopping barang2 hantaran is almost done…as we do not really wait for JJM *year end sale la tu kakak* but still during sale this year *J Card, clearance sale….and so many sales..* How much we spend for the above $$$ oho not to be reveal here as no picture her…but still affordable
Deco (hantaran encik tunang to me ) almost done *DIY by myself..encik tunang just teman dan pilih bunga, reben…the rest is on me* It might not fantastic, but after all its all my hard work
Deco (from me to him) still not fixed..and the “good” things I just lost my reference book ..majalah pengantin cover Diana Danielle tuh…adoila…since I have eyeing few deco inside it

Kad jemputan : Layout DIY or just pick any from the shop? Budget – RM1/ card *so expect something simple*
Accomodation (his family): to be confirmed. But I have taken phone no for renting a night for house with 4 bedroom. Rate if not mistaken RM150/night
Transport – not sure how encik tunang will budget this…but oil price is reducing kan?
Tok kadi : Ayah will take care

Solemnisation outfit :
Encik tunang – Done. Cost – RM 1++
*dear, have you decided to wear which kasut? Or might need new pair?*

Me – Done but waiting for some minor alteration *bukan sbb sy dh kurus mengejut..instead there is something happened which can be fixed. Cost – RM1++
I have found+bought for nice + matching kasut nikah also. Cost – RM79.90

Mak andam – to be finalized…oho should I said that sometimes… it’s likely mak andam cekik darah untk saya yg buat majlis di balai raya…bukan dewan besar, just balai raya kampong…aha…even one of kedai pengantin said it cost RM1,500 for pelamin only*since balai raya rate equal to dewan..grrrr*
Est cost – RM3k ++ as understand majlis di balai raya kena ada red carpet, flower arch, flower stand, large dais (pelamin) *but original budget the most RM2k…mana la tau bandar koboi pun charge sama jek mcm KL*

Bunga pahar – DIY..hopefully sempat …
Outfit for family – still not sure..guru_muda have some marvelous idea for her *yelah she becomes mak pengantin cum adik pengantin
Bridesmaid – agaga whom should I asked???
Flowergirl – should I include in the list? 50-50
Tol – not the PLUS toll, but adat Johor…encik tunang please take note to prepare the toll in sampul duit raya *eventho I’m not sure ada ke tak sesi toll nih?* Est cost – tak sure, any ideas org2 Johor?
Bilik pengantin – cadar – done, deco for rooms – still thinking…ideas? New set? Might not need, but guru_muda willing to sponsor the bed frame *yelah after this pun dia yg akan tidur atas katil tuh*
Cost cadar – RM 193.20…deco cost – depends on my idea

Fotographer – ayaya..should take from kampong or import from KL? I have few quotations..Budget cost – RM 3K *yesss it might be to high, but after all only this that I can keep besides memories..pelamin sumer mak andam amik balik..*

Foods for kenduri – Tukang masak has been identified. Budget cost – RM 4 to 7 times est guest 1000 - 1200 (RM5k to RM7k)…I have discussed with my father the selection of foods, but still to be further discuss..tiba2 teringat someone request acar buah..*hehe so mcm mana nih..adakah cost akan naik lagik*

Besides,ayah suggest to have fruits *watermelon + oranges…just buy it from kedai…but how many watermelon + oranges I need? Should oranges 1000/4=250, and watermelon 1000/25=40…
Need help here…tolong…or even less as sometimes the fruits will be cut in small portion

Lauk pengantin & kek – not finalized
Berkat – grrrrr cannot think…maybe this 2 week to confirm which suit my budget. Budget – no idea since I have to think again all the savings…termasukla korek tin2 tabung syiling that I have
PA, kompang, MC – to be identified
People – kawan2 ayah yg akan tolong plus maybe asking kumpulan wanita UMNO kampong to help…even maybe anak2 murid guru_muda jadik penaggah….

Others – penunjuk jalan – easy , corsage for family + people that assist for my big day – identified, maybe little DIY only as I do not have so many times to do DIY..altho the event will not be take place my house, but still do some work – cat? tikar getah? Carpet? Curtain – in progress, bunga manggar – beli yg dh siap kot…

The list is still not end….the above is just for my side…for encik tunang side it might be simple as majlis menyambut menantu…

Life after marriage
Home sweet home – booking fees – done. Applying loan for house…*hopefully everything went smoothly, as my saving is only can upfront sket je..and still need to withdraw EPF to recover back what we have upfront

Furniture – maybe jalan-jalan cari perabot later…do I mention that I have few hundreds of HSL voucher from the retro nite lucky draw…yes it might reduce the cost to get either refrigerator/ washine machine

next to refrigerator???…alahai….not sure maybe within Malaysia *thinking to go oversea, but since I’ve resigned and not able to get bonus so the plan changed; might be local or just in our house..but who knows we might end up to China ke…hoho it can be happen only if my boss from China ask me to go there…* looking into it it will be super long list to take care + to be done in x month + to be settle ASAP/ specified dateline....

Now the most suitable song that I should have
“ape yg penting…kerjasama…. 2x” - lagu citer wonderpet tv9….

*suddenly think that I’m broke as towards end of year need to pay ACCA membership fees…sob sob*


  1. ~wah nak tawen ek?dlm masa terdekat?bgus2...tahniah2...sonok nyer dgr kwn2 nak tawen....semoga tabah menjalani proses ke ambang perkahwinan..huhuhu

  2. prep dh peringkat gini mesti dh dekat yg amat ni
    pasal gift box tu, RM 49 DPT 50 KEPING, MURAH U

    ni link nyer, tak pun klik je image kat entry i tu

  3. i dah awal2 tanya my mom pasal tol tu, dia kata tak payah lah
    and majlis u nanti kat mana?? johor ke?

  4. tggukan ticker yg x lama lg akn dipost di blog ni..
    Insya Allah tabah menjalani proses2 ini...

    Dayu...dekat x dekat...isk2 tak tau nk cakap cmner...thanks 4 the link

    ye majlis kat negeri johor daerah S..

  5. apa kate buat kad jemputan stail maya karin?

  6. miss ash...ape kata anda tolong saya...haha...

    banyak sgt benda DIY nnt xsiap ada certain benda kena gak sub...klu tak takut hari kawen nnt pengantin pengsan sbb overload DIY ;p

  7. sume mcm dah lengkap nie.. counting the days...

  8. mrs amie...hihi list je yg mcm bnyk benda yg sparuh setel dam separuh tidak...


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