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Wonderful motherhood

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Super saiya is coming....

The title above doesn't really relates to what I want to write..*but i know next year ada drangonball the movie...harus ajak M nonton*

But readers, pls forgive me....I'm so sorry since not updating for a week plus..*whee betulkah dh sminggu lebih???*

I have so many things of DIY that need to finish..hence it is hard to write plus my hand already have minor2 pls do not worry..

I will try to post soonnnnnnnnnnn.....sabar I need to familiar with my works, need to submit CPD for ACCA..bla many things

Salam Maal HIjrah 1430 and happy new year 2009 *alamak I don't want this entry to be the last entry in this year..need to do something..*


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