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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For your eyes...

Ok..for your eyes..for those wearing spectacles will have four eyes...for those normal sighted, will view with 2 eyes... ;p *hehe dh start mengarut...*

Since encik tunang has seen it so I have decided to post this in my lovely blog....and since I have done 93 stalk of bunga telur plus 6.5 (since still not putting all the ribbons)...Hip hip hooray....even tho about 50 more need to do...

So you might know the theme colour...since I do not put it black and white :P

I know that a lot of effort has been done and I know also that my housemates my think why must be very particular about this bunga telur...

The question why DIY bunga telur if you can buy it?

Aha...I have my own reasons for DIY the bunga I have so many things want to try *yes experimenting from all the e-learning and magazines...* plus I do like to do DIY altho maybe it is not really long as air tangan saya....or maybe I want to become kiasu...:)

So my advice for bride to be :
1. If you want to DIY bunga telur please do it early....esp if you want to do the kind of bunga dip, bunga stokin, bunga tekap, bunga it takes times....3 months before wedding is like clock ticking..unless u r fast enough, willing to berjaga di tengah malam, willing to sleep with batas kebun bunga telur or having a batalion of peoples to help you;

2. If you don't want to do it....just buy it...we can find as cheap as 0.50 up to RM10+++ for each bunga telur...of course the higher the price the superb it will be likely...but once you bought it please do not visit bunga telur area as you might change your mind to have other design...walla..

Ok will update later..need to repack and go doing all the DIYing...*sound mcm dying aje kan? oho I'm still alive*


  1. ajar la camne nk wat hihihii

  2. hhehe sy pun wt bunga dip..for those who are interested to try, can visit my blog..step by steps..setkat termampu nk tunjukkan cara..seronok kan DIY ni..puas

  3. fizz...hihi xbertauliah nk nnt kita try post step by step...klu nk cepat tgk kat blog aziyana

    aziyana...yup DIY ni puas hati gak walaupun mgkn x seboom kat yg kedai *kedai dh buat selalu..kita ni br buat sekali*

  4. hai salam...nice blog and good advice on wedding preparation...btw good luck on wedday preparation :) same like me

  5. ms tepung kita suka baca blog leh ke saya add url awak?hehehe :) btw salam perkenalan

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. lady milk...salam perkenalan jugak

    it is my plesure to write for u to read...

    sgt2 dialu2kan untk link :)

    miss ash...okla..nk kata cantik sgt tu okla kot


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