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Wonderful motherhood

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My mind....twist..

Twist? Twister? Ahuks no idea how should it be for the tittle

Maybe the most significant

Jiwa kacau................

A lot of things happened and makes me felt terrible....

1st --- about house that encik tunang and me planned to buy is stuck..due to bank revalued it again and we couldn't get the loan that we expected..means valuer value it lower than the loan that we requested *korang faham ke? Huhu nevermind later I will write it...procedure of buying 2nd hand house...after I master all the skills from my experience

Solution : concentrate on wedding things 1st...

2nd --- my handphone having signal problem...esp when come back to hometown it will be no signal...KL is ok..I'm not sure why, maybe after almost a year the problem will start...I'm using Nokia 6280 * uhuks sebenonya x ingat no tu betul ke x..* and since it still under warranty I send it to the shop *ya I'm not using original set..* at first seems that tokei do not want to accept it for repair..yalah since it is full bar there..but I insist it...

After waiting for several weeks, tokei said can have the phone..but still I can see the problem is not fix...

But the most geram thing...they might do restore factory setting..Gosh which my handphone will be like new hp *inside only* so means that anything save in the hp GONE...GONE EVERYTHING...all the messages, reminder, calendar, phone no, theme

I'm really mad and sad....because

Messages – most of messages are fr encik tunang..when I bought the phone we are just knew each other for several of course its a lot of msg2 chenta...

Reminder – I have put few personal things there...and also sometimes if I have seen anything that I like I will keep it as draft in msg

Calendar – I have put all the significant date..including red flag *girls i think will understand..esp to kira all the cycle...*

Phone no – esp those I met few months ago since it is automatically save in phone..I do not transfer it to SIM card yet...some even few friends yg dh lama giler x jumpa...huhu how can I contact them back? Maybe have to go thru friendster?? *I do not have Facebook yet...lazy to update so many things..and blog is much fun..maybe towards my big day I need to have it for network purpose??*

Theme – I have few fav themes...but all gone

Solution : Treat the phone as the new one...

Ok enough for today...I'm tired with the wire inside my head..serabut.............Big solution : Pray good things *huhu can I consider myself as org yg teraniaya???*


  1. oh...dugaan mmg akn dtg..lg la bl dh dekat2 saba jela..n doa byk2...smoga sumenye bjalan lancar after this.. =)


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