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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Part VIII: Big day..all about wedding

Sedang bersiaran dari KFC Universiti lalala....*trying to make myself happy eventhough mcm banyak lagi benda x siap....pening2....*

Again sesi cuci mata..I believe esp wedding it will be much easier if we show pictures to mak andam, kedai kek, tukang jahit, etc...unless you have super-duper marvelous idea for your big day - or maybe u're talented with drawing skills....

For those interested to have any pictures here - maybe for your ref to show to ur bf/tunang, mak andam, kedai kek, etc , pls indicate ur email in ur comments *aha I have a no-right-click here plus I do not put my personal email for my own reason...* So I will personally give the link/ the pictures....

For all the wedding related pics here, I would like to thank personally...and really sorry for not put any ref..this is because usually we tend to save the pics and rename it...

Lets have sesi cuci mata..

Wedding cakes, pulut kuning...- if u have this agenda la kan?
A lot options to be choose!!!!
Choc wedding cake
Pulut kuning

Fondant wedding cake
Cream wedding cake, backdrop for meja pengantin
Wedding cupcakes

Last time, masa kecik2.... the most simple & mengenyangkan ialah telur dalam kertas kilat2 or pink tissue..but nowadays it hard to find...*actually until know I still love telur rebus dr rumah kenduri kahwin..lagi best kalau dapat banyak2 leh makan ngan kicap...Sedap*

Telur pindang - org Johor dan BAKAL org Johor must know!! ehem2 bakal org Johor - encik tunang la specific nyer..kwang3

Paper bag- Goodie bag..isilah ape2 yg muat dlm tuh kerepek, gula2, jeli, coklat dsb

Hmm not sure the name...but maybe given to VIP
Again to be continued


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