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Monday, February 23, 2009

Spa but not Spa Q

After hectic, miserable, super duper busy, the never ending list-to-do.. I believe bride to be reserved a kind of special treatment

It is spa..*oho but then nak rilek2 pun still kena bayar..and it cost u hundred bugs,nothing free even to have a kind of relaxing time okay?*

Where, when? Is it a must? …its all your decision….some even afraid to go to spa, esp it is ur very 1st time *ehem2 maybe even the last time..?*

I am not a kind of spa at first, until I have a very pain at my back *too hardworking with job??? Or too many figure that not belong to me? Only God knows*

But after searching, and considering that I couldn’t stand with the pain…I decided to go to spa…and maybe about a year I have become customer to Okra Spa….at first I really couldn’t believe the price..but it is true..with RM 49 nett, I can have full body massage plus sauna; *if not mistaken this package is no longer there, as she revised it to back massage plus sauna*

At least I will go once a month, even twice a month….with the good service and cheap!!! Okra offer few package to cater ur needs, and it is operating in a house…..but Okra do not have mandi2 and facial :(

Unfortunately, after super-duper-woofer busy with the preps, I couldn’t have my own time to have spa-session….but I still need to polish, shining, pampering, or at least for some time I do not have to think reben2, dawai2, never ending to-do etc…

There’s a lot of options and packages….but of course bridal package for spa usually starts from RM 300++ for top to toe treatment and it will be 5 hours treatment…..

So considering my last minute plan *Jumaat tghari baru terhegeh2, tp dlm hati nk wt ari Sabtu since itu je ada masa nk slot in* …and I am not able to book Serenity Spa..which cost RM335…so I just make an arrangement with Cendana Spa *thank you ibu Farah..*

I’m not doing bridal package, instead taking some other package with cater my needs…*xmo facial pelik2 since I never do it before, but must have sauna, massage, and pedicure – since kuku2 kaki not in good condition, oho tgk Serenity Spa ada mcm2 wt kat muka makes me afraid…ade kesan2 –ve ke?*

And the result, I’m satisfied.. Alhamdulillah, at least until now my face do not have any –ve reaction from facial! And I really like mandi susu….still have some flowers….*mau saja rasa rendam smpi kecut*

Special note : the spa staff said brides are advised not to have pedicure-manicure a week before their big day since nanti henna/ inai tak melekat! pandai2 la adjust spa-session with ur wedding date

For those interested to have spa session with Cendana Spa, click here for map and here for the package details

Pstt…after spa session I have laksa utara + cendol pulut at the stalls besides Tesco *Makro lama* sila carik di Tesco EXTRA …chedap!!!


  1. wahai cik tepung...

    besnya dah g spa...saya masih lagi mencari..murah x pakej yang awak ambik kat cendana spa tu? mesti syok + bes kan dpt relaxkan badan...

    x sabar rasnya nak g spa :)

  2. sbb hilang sakit2 badan :)

    nk kata murah amik pakej seri bonda + pedicure + facial = RM 249...sbb dh last minute pegi...xleh la nk book yg lain..cendana ni sbb quite new, so jumaat call sabtu wt treatment

  3. wakakaa, xpsl2 aku dpt name mempromotekan cendana spa... walaupon aku cume penah wt normal facial jek.. mandi susu dia best ek.. mmg best surrounding kt situ, rase nk pegi lagik.. jelitasari.. baru masuk dh rase nk cancel, heheh

  4. ohye... tmpt ko mkn cendol tu is nearby Tesco EXTRA kalu ko mention 'makro lame' sbb kt shah alam sec 13 ni dua2 tesco ade... tesco & tesco extra... hihi
    takut org terkonpius..

  5. ibu farah...aku bg can ko glamer :)

    oo okay aku xtak familiar sgt shah alam almaklumlah no longer jajahan takluk aku..nnt kena update situ


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