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Wonderful motherhood

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Skipped 2008, struggling 2009, welcome 2010

Hanya budak account faham tajuk ini.....

Lately I'm really busy with year-end closing...but still wondering



Adakah ptt sy privatekan aje blog sy? since xramai yg baca kan? ~ i saw others punya blog very responsive+soo many comments+ and so on

Adakah sy jeles? Maybe ya maybe not....

But my blog macam sipuuuuuuuuut.....siput ker?..siput sedut, siput babi, siput ape lagik? I dun have answer..maybe my blog not interactive or because I write in English? ~ hello English is important....since I am not in gov....working and dealing with overseas peoples and the main language for the co (current and previous) ~ even tho sometimes english diorg pun jauh lebih rendah dr Malaysians

Sorry ya, i do bloghopping, but sometimes xsempat nk ber-komen2.....since limited time....


  1. ouch. jgn gitu yang ;) kami setia membaca :D

  2. allaaaa jgn la gitu panten baru...ima pun bukan ade masa komen2 ne tp mmg baca sbbnyer?hanya budak acct je yg tau ok...skrg kan mmg tgh bz kan?tp rasenyer org acct mmg jarang ade masa kan?huhuhu...teruskan jgn private ok...

  3. uikssss..
    x mo laa privatekan blog ni..
    kite suka baca blog awak tau..
    keep blogging k..
    btw, Selamat Pengantin Baru 'Puan' Zuraihan..

  4. hi, just wanna comment a bit on ur phrase .."since I'm not in gov"..

    see, i work in govt sector, and as far as i'm concern, we do use English as our main language, be it for meeting or whatever..private sector doesn't necessarily the only sector that widely uses English..

    Please do not underestimate those who worked for the govt, bcoz we do the work for u, the rakyat..n please, keep that "Govt sector only uses malay language" stigma away..

    tq..anyway, i do read ur blog n just felt the need to speak up my hard feeling..-Hanis-

  5. Hi Hanis.. just wondering.. why we still need to issue letter in Bahasa Melayu when liasing wt govt if u hv been widely using English as a main langguage? I'm working in GLC co who deals a lot wt govt as our client.

    I'm not underestimating Bahasa Melayu.. I'm proud of it and very proud in teaching my kids when doing their Bahasa Melayu homework.

    'kerana mulut badan binasa... beware of ur writing Hanis..'

  6. FYi,
    working in Gov does not mean ur r not using english at all..perhaps this can change some perceptions of you about working in Gov..


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