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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The wedding smart shopper and promoting recycle concept

Should I say that I am a smart shopper? Kwang3....I dun have any ideas..but after looking in my wallet i have this 3 card from series of wedding shopping

One card – the most earliest card I get...and it is free for 3 years (after spending some amt $$$) ....benefit? a lot since I have privilege parking area...but of course still havr to top up the card to pay parking ~ no more pusing2, gaduh2 for parking, but still the parking rate is the best...
Plus...monthly info on any promo via mail and sometimes sms! ~ even tho never grab it but it is good bargain

WS, Nilai – I got it from sesi membeli hand bouquet after that at least I have a discounted price for the items there

Choc – got it from choc session...since i’m really looking for Hershey’s nugget *not sure why I always saw Hershey’s kisses but hard to find nuggets*...we ended up to buy it here and plus get the card ~ siap cashier yg promo kira2 diskaun yg dpt even we still have to pay for the member fees....

On top of that we have sesi membeli makanan tidak sihat di kedai borong nearby NSK Selayang(bkn dlm NSK , tp sebelah ~ nama kedai Fantasy Jungle Food..kedainyer xcun tp banyak giler jajan!)...and I just spend RM54.20 and able to have this

4 balang coklat ~cop Msia...even tho agak kasar teksturnye, tetapi still rasa coklat
5 bungkus mini pudding ~ plastiknya tidak melekat, which is senang nk makan

And all this is for 200 special goodie bag and 10 gift kat meja pengantin ~ still ada jugak lebih untk makan2 upah buat yg tolong the cost is:-
Choc 9.80 /120 = 0.08 each
Mini pudding 3/50= 0.06 each

And upah untk encik suami....jajan glamer masa kanak2 ~ hehe actually here have a lot jajan masa we might come here again to have this junkie as our ration.. So here the map to NSK Selayang and preview yg x berapa clear... So buat yg mencari pemborong coklat, asam, gula-gula, makanan ringan dsb bolehla menjenguk yer...~berjenis2 di sini crispy, mentos, ada yg jenama x dikenali jugak...

Sometimes u want to buy specific things for ur wedding, but not sure whether is will be use once and after that hanya akan disimpan dlm muzium sbgai kenang-kenangan..

But for myself, I have do some recycle

Bantal2 kecik deco bilik pengantin ~ recycle it for our living hall deco

Comforter set bilik pengantin ~ guna balik la....
Hand bouquet ~ I’m not good in flower my hand bouquet becomes bunga di meja makan..besides last time I use my hand bouquet as deco bilik pengantin juga.....

dari meja di blik pengantin-ke tangan pengantin-ke meja makan rumah

So I think every time when u want to shop, think it twice....consider that it can be re-use again...


  1. iye
    sbb itu hand bouquet ku nanti bukan lah fresh flower
    sbb mau recycle
    mau guna deco kat umah baru nanti

  2. huhu.. xtaula plak aku bunge tgn tu ko buat sendirik...

  3. NSk mmg famous dgn brg2 mcm tu.. mmg ramai yang pi sini kan untuk beli barang2 coklat untuk gift budak2.. nk buat birthday party pon okek juga kan?


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