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Wonderful motherhood

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bulan puasa pun ada pencuri ke?

The original header should be “Entri Makan Makan” ~ kunon nk bg early warning kot nnt korg terliur baca…but since I have a not so good experience maybe I should write it plus lps ni kena beringat..almaklumlah from reading that pregnant woman have a tendency of forgetfulness

Okeh lets starts with the happy stories..Jom pi makan eskrem nyoq (ice cream coconut). It has been a while really want to eat eskrem nyoq, however seems that every weekend I have a letih-lembik-kuat tido-etc-esp on weekends so the plan never execute

Since this weekend, SIL couldn’t make it to come to KL, we decided to pi-buka-kat-luar…and of course nomination was Eskrem Nyoq

Lets the pics do their part

Thai Express have 3 Ramadan set to try RM 45, RM 50, RM 55 (all for 2 person)..and we choose set A; which consists of 2 steamed rice, kurma and the followings

Tofu with sambal

Fish and mango kerabu

Tomyam Chicken Soup

Both of us really like Tom Yam and kerabu ~ bak kata encik suami nasib amik set A, sbb set B and C dapat tomyam putih, tom yam set A ni Tom Yam merah..tom yam kung..~ hihi sape yg decide? Ngee

Try to put everything on the small table (eskrem nyoq dh cair...huhu)

But the drink is not included with the set.

And the star of the day ~ Read bean dessert but we call it as eskrem nyoq

But I really disappointed that the dessert was served very early (by the time Maghrib, eskrem nyoq dh cair..huhu I dun like to put both in the mouth..sbb nanti eskrem nyoq ngan read bean gaduh..hihi).Hope that next time can eat the ice cream like here

Before breaking fast, we visited IKEA…nothing to buy since seeing the long que..but I just know something that baby cot have a teething rail ~ baby nk asah gigi ka? I never know that the baby will try to bite their coat..nnt ada anak sdiri leh p tgk..

Besides that since I have a good mood, buying some baju raya

Baju raya kami

Eh eh actually since I couldn’t fit my t shirt have to buy this..(except the white for encik suami, he request me to buy also so bolehla mcm Ekin Mawi yg pakai tshirt sama, but me x mo sbb white shirt kena pakai inner...udahlah pregnant badan panas...pakai 2 lapis nnt super-panas..)

Plus buying a table runner and 2 cushion cover ( I have been hunting the design since few months back, tp masa tu mahal, and the table runner not having so many choice of colours and it is 1.5m)

But after magrib prayer, I left the plastic bag with the table runner and cushion cover inside the surau..And only realized after 15-20 mins..

So patah la balik, dgn harapan (actually dh siap berangan rupa umah lps dh buh benda2 tuh), but to my disappointment..sudah –tiada…

Oyoyo in this holy month+surau pun ada pencurik? Isk2 dh le curik barang perempuan pregnant…

Encik suami think that I have misplaced, but I am pretty sure that the last place that I put the plastic bag was inside the surau…and he said “ anggap jelah sedekah bulan puasa”

The wife (of coursela me) was very angry plus disappointed sbb sudahlah berminggu2 puasa ni asik pregnant sickness, and only this few days je rasa betul2 sihat dan leh pusing2 sikit shopping (udahle umah x tukar langsir ke, beli bunga ke, barang deco…yg beli hanya bekas kuih raya ~ tu pun versi murah sbb half of the way shopping malas dh nk pk2 sbb rasa x sihat)

Never mind after raya will get new one ~ hopefully dapat kaler idaman, plus leh la g makan karipap IKEA + eskrem nyoq

p/s : masa nk buka br perasan kan org selalu kata pregnant xelok minum air kelapa..(but masa hujung2 pregnant leh minum sbb nnt baby bersih), tp kan sbb dh ada atas meja x kan nk biarkan je..hihi


  1. zaman skg tak kire bulan pose ke surau ke..dlu solat kat tesco ampang..beg sandang kene curi mase tgh solat..wawa..mmg tade ati perut lgsg

  2. wah dh berwajah baru..cantik n feminin..sejuk mata memandang


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