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Wonderful motherhood

Monday, September 28, 2009

Last minute instruction...

...that I need to attend training since my boss couldn't make it...

Eh2 bkn ke ptt hepi? since training = makan2 dgn jayanya

Uwa...just thinking to start to fast in this Syawal (besides have the puasa 6, it should be helping me so that the next check up will be no problem esp when it come to weight...uwa2 sy x mau minum air gula)

So tomorrow and the day after have to attend the training which should be something new areas of knowledge ~ eh2 lupa plak ada possibility jumpa kawan2-kah?

Pen off for several days...I need to sleep before baby mengamuk ~ baby mengamuk or tekak yg meragam? uhu write this entry because try to neutralised rasa2 nk muntah...

Pls jangan muntah penat mummy goreng + makan jemput2 (ayah hang kata goreng cucuq...mummy kata cucuq ke jemput2 ikan bilis + bawang? see mummy stil try to improve vocab versi kedah...hihi)

Owh I must remember ask MIA person is the training hours can be claimed as ACCA CPD hours? ~ serious since last year asik last minute jek....


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