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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Can you understand the ultrasound printout?

Since I'm graduated from accounting school of course my understanding term more on NBV, PBIT, PBT, FIFO, LIFO..and so on

But when it comes to ultrasound printout, I have a wild guess....(main agak2 kot)..

Watching the heatbeat, some active pose (owh serious yesterday the baby is likely to do taichi buah semangka kot..or anguk2 geleng2 rap? sbb ayah tgk transformer before the scan so the baby is likely doing so transformer action????) is really cannot be descibe in writing....

Before the scan yesterday the doctor asked whether I already fell something from the bump - although is not really obvious?..Straight away my answer was YES...but again is a wild guessing tangankah? kakikah? or kepalakah yg bergerak2?

And at the end of the meeting, the doctor will pass the printout with the few terms BPD, FL...(erk apekah itu??? tgk gambar kawen lagi senang nk guess tgh sebak kah, super hepi kah, gedik kah..betul tak?)

The only thing I understand EDD ~ hmm I still try to understand how my last time and this time scan have diff EDD by 2 weeks? maybe due to my eating habit?

And I try to google

1. BPD - Bi Parietal Diameter. The width across the baby's head. Taken at 13 - 39 weeks.
2. HC - Head Circumference. The distance around the baby's head. Taken at 22 - 39 weeks
3. AC - Abdominal Circumference. The distance around the baby's tummy/belly. Taken at 22 - 39 weeks
4. FL - Femur length. The length of the thigh bone. Taken at 13 - 39 weeks
5. CRL - Crown Rump Length. Top of head to end of bottom. Taken at 6 - 12weeks.
6. EFW - Estimated Fetal Weight. Calculated from the BPD;HC;AC;FL at growth scan. Gives actual weight at time of scan, not predicted birth weight.

Further check understanding your babies ultrasound scan

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Hope this will help mummy and daddy to be to understand more =)

p/s : I think most of the husband will asked how it feels when the baby makes some moves? even at my current stage of pregnancy is still early to have all the active kicks but seriously I can felt something weird


  1. saye pun tk penah2 paham ape kebende yg ditunjuk doktor bile tgk skrin ultrasound..istilah2 tu ,doktor je yg phm..;)

  2. scan tue.. tya betul2 kt doktor tue sbb rugi x tya..
    sbb pd skrin tue dia akn bgtau berapa diameter kepala, ukuran tangan, tulang paha n sumer la..jantung baby berdegup ke x...kedudukan ada normal ataupun terlampau ke bawah..ataupun dh songsang...
    dr c2 ringan2kn mulut tya mcm2 pd doktor...
    sbb jgn lupa kiter bayr berhak tya!hehehehe


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