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Wonderful motherhood

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cravingness..and it is Prosperity Burger

until this entry sudah 2 kali makan...yeay..

I have to admit my early stage of pregnancy I have a lot of cravingness..

It's a lot! but the good thing I do not request to have it since it just a mind setting "bayangkan makanan sedap2 setelah isi perut dh habis"

To name it banyak...goreng pisang cicah sambal kicap, ubi rebus, baked choc puding, mee rebus, briyani, cucur udang, masak lemak belimbing buluh.....etc

And the above list also including Prosperity Burger...

After morning sickness ended (Alhamdulillah), I do not remember that about the cravingness list...until past few weeks I remembered last time I have a list of makan2...And after considering "ala sume2 tu lps pantang pun leh makan gak...bkn mengidam tahap super saiya...cuma biasalah ada teringin benda2 yg dh lama xmakan.." but exception to prosperity burger

The reason prosperity only once a year for certain period. I have already calculate that by CNY next year it is will be my 36weeks++....which should be masa berjaga2 since Insya Allah anytime I can deliver my considering the past track that prosperity usually will only make it come back almost nearly CNY..

I'm already set in my mind "aku-akan terjah-prosperity" since kalau baby keluar awal mau la kena tgggu setaun lagi untk itu..

but I'm wrong...since McD made it very early...TQ McD...i'm lovin' it

:) TQ McD..

But for chicken prosperity we have to wait until further advertisement...


  1. I'm loving it =)
    ini juga fav kite.hehe
    makan selagi boleh makan.hehe

  2. betul2..sib baik mcd buat kuar awal dptla merasa sblm berpantang..;)

  3. SeDaPnYeR...sItI sAlAh SeOrG PeMinAT pRoSpEriTY bUrGeR...sINcE kUaR rI tU dAh 3-4 KaLI mAkAn Da...HuuhUu..

    tIaP2 TaHuN MmG tGGU Ni..


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