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Monday, April 5, 2010

Mari mengendong bayi...

Uhuk....skip all the entries that I want to write

Since I have become TV addicted ~ hihi not meant that I have 24 hours to watch TV but at least I can become follower of certain TV series esp afternoon shows...

Ok back to main topic..this afternoon I saw something in WHI....Fesyen Gendong...and of course I can try it....(of course only applicable for those have babies...)

It seems so easy to use and at the same time the demo with Sasha's baby was really fun....

For those interesed can visit their website (today down as a lot of traffic!!!) as above and also join their facebook

While watching I just said "Afham, nanti ibu beli cam gini la....nanti leh la gendong..." and suprisely he is smiling (aha macam la faham....but recently our lil boy keep on smiling when we talk something....on any topic...seems that he understand...)

p/s : hihi bolehla ibu mengendong sambil berblog dgn mudah ! (itu pun jika baby tak meragam...hmm..nk tulis this entry pun takes almost 1 hour with some normal distraction)


  1. mesti sgt seronok sekarang baby sudah ade di depan mata kan.. :)im interested in jumpsackbaby also..tgu baby keluar nanti boleh try..jgn lupe review kalau u dah beli k

  2. maria pun tgk ni..tgk yg catch up tv..mcm best kan..nk try tp tgk keadaan wangnya dlu..huhu..;)


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