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Wonderful motherhood

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The delivery story

"aik ? baby overdue? mcm jarang je dgr...slalu tercepat.."
" baby boy slalu kuar cepat dr EDD.."
"baby overdue ni bijak2 tau...sbb lama dok dalam perut..."

And so on...

For those pregnant/ planning to must aware that EDD is just estimation...It can be either one of the following
  • earlier than EDD (either premature / full term)
  • EDD
  • overdue (by few days / or ur gynea will advice the chosen date to induce usually 7 days from the EDD)
My baby was overdue and of course my gynea give the chosen date to induce, however....

to be continue

*sigh, sure kena sumpah ngan korg..harap maaf its shower time for my boy...but promise will write in proper...tomorrow need to go hospital again due to some follow on Afham condition...hope nothing much to super worry - pdhal berhari2 dok pk his condition


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