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Wonderful motherhood

Friday, May 7, 2010

The birth story....pain, labour room and so on

Dear Afham,

Ibu hope one fine day you will read this. Even tho you will not experience it (except u have to accompany ur wife then u will know how it will look alike)

Some colleague expect me will be in Labour Room..some Chinese colleague even said this date is double "ong" since it was V-day and CNY. But nothing happened. The only thing that I remembered I have started feel the Braxton Hicks

Have a checkup. Everything fine. Dr Hamidah even checked and said dilated about 2cm, she said and hope by next week can deliver [she mentioned anak pertama biasa akan amik masa even dh engage sume tu...depends pada org jugaklah kan?]

Today is Maulidur Rasul. In my mind I really hope to deliver on this date, so in future it will be easier to remember our baby birth date in Islam. Besides of course mengambil berkat kelahiran Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. At the end of the day still nothing happened.

If following, today will be the due date. Nothing. Only Braxton Hicks. I remembered some of friends mentioned to eat, eat and eat since you'll never know when the time comes [xmakan xde energy nk push pulak kan?]

So started from this date I have supper and encik suami browsed her eyes. Maybe I look like monster yang tak berhenti2 makan..hihi

My final checkup. Since no real signal, Dr Hamidah gave me a date for induce delivery which 12.03. She informed that by 12.03 I must register to the hospital at 2pm...

However she mentioned that usually her patient will deliver between this date and can escape from induce...Discuss also few things like whether I can have normal delivery and she said everything will depends on the delivery date, but czer always the last resort.

If following,
"Your baby's now ready to meet the world and is fully developed."

To be frank, I never expect to be overdue...of course soo many things in my mind. Stress jugak bila kawan2 sms tnya and so on...Phew, never expect an overdue baby as mentioned here


3.30 am
I started to feel pain in my stomatch. I thought it was Braxton Hicks [maklumla asik kena false dh xtau tu sakit contraction]. As usual have a visit to toilet

5.00 am
Waked up encik suami and asked her to get some water downstair since I cannot moved!

Between 3.30 to 5 am, I cannot sleep, the pain was likely every 20-30 minutes. I have so many position to make me felt comfortable [not to mentioned I try to sleep in the toilet....]. Felt a little bit stressed since encik suami in la la land [since I was not sure whether I should asked him to drive me to hospital].

6.30 am
Subuh prayer but very difficult...cannot really concentrate

7.30 am
Encik suami ikut terbaring di sebelah, since I felt comfortable baring di lantai. Then he also cannot sleep since he saw me like this....

8.30 am
The pain is really frequent like every 15 minutes. I tried to adjust-timig-bila-tak-sakit-sangat untuk mandi

Have a quick shower. Just grab baju seluar tudung, suddenly I saw "show". Called encik suami to help me to down stair [ni tak best umah 2 tingkat..nasib baik he bring his phone together kalau tak harus merangkak turun tangga mcm cerita hantu Korea la pulak]

9.20 am
Reached Hospital Putrajaya. Boleh encik suami salah masuk lorong [sah2la dh panic tuh]. Sepanjang dalam kereta rasa sakit. nasib baik seat tak tercabut since pegang seat begitu kuat

Nurse asked why I am wearing pants, she told just wear kain batik [hello, I pakai cantik2 pun salah ke?]. Encik suami settled all the register things, while nurse checked my blood pressure and so on.

10 am
Admitted to ward. Nurse asked me whether to have ubat berak. I just said yes. Just dilated 1cm. The effect of ubat berak super fast, immediately visit toilet.

Laid down and suddenly I felt "pop". Asked encik suami to check. He said the waterbag is green. Straight away call the nurse.....


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