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Wonderful motherhood

Monday, May 3, 2010

While he's slepping

I need pedicure

although I'm just 27 days old
and always in lala land

That's my nail (left)....compared to ibu's (right)

See....nice pedicure..
Guess what ibu got from me

Ibu dun blame me...
My love belongs to u too

Cutting the fingernails and toenails can b though....Afham got his first nails cutting done by kakak cukur rambut dia import by encik suami's auntie from Kedah.

Only when he almost a month, I decided to do it by myself...

So now I can do it while he slepping or even awake. It just need a lil bit patient...

Hows bout other mommies?


  1. kite cut nails Naurah time dia tido je. klu dia jaga, tangan x pernah dduk diam. bahaye heheh. kuku bb cepat panjang kan? cam Naurah every week kene cut if x nk pakai sarung tgn tuh. klu x cut, habis calar balau muke dia..

  2. cantik nyee pic ni kak..akak ke yg ambik??angle angle yang menarik ..he3


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