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Wonderful motherhood

Monday, July 5, 2010

A month as working mother

posing mahal for all readers
yeay ibu dah xglamer..xde enterprem dah =p

Tired, exhausted, xcukup tangan kaki otak so on...haha serius mcm kejam bunyinya

Ok. Tak kan nak tipu...I'm happy, healthy, xrasa letih sikit pun. The fact that we are human, of course certain limit and certain things will makes us exhausted, tired, rasa mcm xlarat sudah...

A month coming back to work, giving me 1001 feelings, while bz punching figure to accrue boleh plak teringat pipi anak, while bising2 ofiice boleh teringat bau anak...Owh..now I understand motherhood setahun jagung or should I say 4bulan jagung since Afham still not yet 1 year =)

I have received sooo many questions and so on. Not to say almost everyone comment that I look slimmer [encik suami harus kata uwekkk....]. My respond? I still not having violin shape [haih sblm kawen pun blom tahap violin la..ape kes?] Although I fit most of all baju kurung, jeans, shirts...[mana diorg nmpk stretch mark, lembik2 sana sini..]

Not to mentioned one operation staff asking me " When is the second production?" Eh2 mcm buat biskut, roti kat kilang pulak...Jawapan smbil sengih2 cun vogue..."Erm bg ilang trauma contraction boleh tak..."

And one more thing since I'm coming back I have a new hobby....Online shopping. Tgk status kat bank lebih bnyk keluar dr masuk..haruslah kan? masuk satu line..keluar berline2...bayar2 bil2, hp, credit card. Every week, receptionist will called and said ada parcel, kotak...and to the extend sekali tu depa pesan bawak troley since the parcel is really big

the big box contain whats?

Whats more? Oh ya..they also asked How this little baby change my life?...Masak tak? Wiken camner? Anak hantar mana? Sakit tak bersalin? ....owh2 sungguh xterlist plak...The fact that I am still adjusting my time with all task eg laudry - basuh, jemur, lipat, iron, simpan dlm almari...kemas rumah walau akhirnya sepah balik. Besides I manage to simplify my life by cooking dua hari sekali ie. masak hari selasa untuk makan malam selasa dan rabu [of course encik suami yg kata okeh..lgpun letih la asik tapau makanan kat luar yg kdg2 blm tentu terjamin rasa, so on]. While my officemate asked me "Ha you boleh ke makan mcm tu?" At least I know my cooking can control oil, no MSG, and of course encik suami bertambah syg sbb wife masak sedap-walau-lauk-simple....hehe kan bang?

fish black pepper buat encik suami angau
siap mintak masak menu sama seminggu...

One more thing I still do not wear my normal working shoes [encik suami asked mana sume kasut yg runcing2 tu yg tinggi sikit tu]. My answer, everyday I need to become roadrunner to catch 6pm ERL...so wats the point become vogue the vazz, then lambat nk fetch Afham?..So be realistic...maybe one fine day after find the right tune, all working shoes will be operated as usual. Owh not to mentioned the day that I should cook, I will makes myself catch 6pm ERL, so that by 7pm already at home and by 8pm I have settled down..solat magrib and cooking..[Poket juga rabak with ERL fare, but this is the only option that can makes me travelling in style =p]

Phew....the fact that I still tired, sometimes like no time for myself, and also for encik suami. I have soo many thing to do [reading tonnes of books, blogging about Afham, planning for kitchen cabinet..so on] but sometimes 24hours is not enuff..Ada sapa2 nk sedekah masa yg terlebih sudah?

But the fact that although how this little baby changed my life [haha rasa mcm hectic-carca marba-tonggang terbalik life so on]..The fact that almost all -ve feelings hilang macam magic spell when seeing his smile and actions...

my hand is the best =p
poning ibu n ayah


  1. cutenye Afham ^_^ mata dia sepet mcm mommy dia ;p

    for babies, jari adlh mainan paling best hahah

  2. makin besar makin hencem lak afham ni..full bf ker?


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