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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mak ning nak buat dapur....

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kitchen cabinet ..lalala

For those listen to surely will come across commercial break where SY mentioned "Kril, Mak ning nak buat dapur..."

Currently I'm thinking to have kitchen cabinet. To date I have email some companies for quotation, unfortunately reply adalah ratio 1/10...[ke my email asking quotation tu xbetul since ayat berterabur bagai]

The fact that currently I think kitchen cabinet is much more complex than delivery process..[ape kes compare begitu bagai???]

I have no idea about material so for past few weeks I have super marathon reading forums...and guess what I have a lil bit here and there info. But again each material have pros and cons and so many detailing that I really dont know

For budget, I already find all the source that I have...duit baki salam kaut masa kawen [okeh2 dh lupa until ude kata duit tu tersadai je], baki duit hantaran, duit main kutu, syiling2 terkumpul, saving tuk kawen [i thot i dun have any balance till I saw the saving book and gulp ada lg baki! yeay]. The only that I dont touch ASB....sbb tu mcm fixed deposit

For design nothing fancy2...island2/ kaunter pulau2 tu of course not in list since kitchen sekankang I prefer something simple. Yang kelakar encik suami asked me.."flooring sume tu xmo buat ke??"...Nope..flooring xpayah since karang terbeliak biji mata for all the costs besides its for wet combo dry kitchen

Hmm...sometimes I think to delay this dream, but considering in future surely harga minyak naik [sah2 xkan ade turun kan] so for sure in future all materials will increase slightly

But if I do not proceed with this, I have to stay with current condition which I do not prefer [iye dapurku tonggang terbalik esp after sesi-soping-groceries...xde tempat nk letak elok2..and end up akan terjadilah pemandangan-tak-indah]

Haih but selecting the contractor also a lil bit some had bad kena tipu, keje xikut schedule, keje x kemas, so on...

Owh...then pening itu bertambah lagi slps baca thread know why? because items for kitchen cabinet have sooo many choices and so many thing need to be synchronies at the same time. Which I can name it slim hood, chimney hood, ducting, wiring, stainless steel hub, glass hub, pfr, psf, mieco, solid surface, tall unit, pull out basket, pull out table, it comes with budget $$$

Hmmmm..but I always dreaming that very soon kitchen will be colorful and lively since I still remember childhood memory of baking, and so on with my late mother...[haha siap rebut2 nk pukul telur, siapa nk buat ape masa proses kuih raya, potong kuih apam guna benang and so on]...Yeah if kitchen is organised lagi senang nk wat operasi masak2 bersama anak bukan?

Nevermind, today I will meet one contractor...maybe I will have more ideas on this and maybe very soon my dream comes true =)..

p/s : if anyone have preferred contractor can you inform me? so I can get their quotation as well


  1. sounds fun! i wish my kitchen just like in cooking show chef2 tu..rajin la ku masuk dapur :)


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