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Friday, September 3, 2010

Hot mommies...

(selingan) Ibu..hotla...Afham kena pakai sunglasses

Sometimes I wonder what is the exact defination of hot mommies?

Cun melecun body bagai anak dara smbil pegang baby?
Mommies that into all these..Bfing, homemade solid foods, babywearing, cloth diaper?
How about mommies that fm, stroller, disposable diapers?

Itu tak masuk lagi isu pacifier, buai, branded clothes, branded toys, walker...or comparing baby's development... you have any specific ideas?

I read somewhere there is no perfect baby and no perfect parents...But as parents we will surely trying our best to raise our little ones....

Reading soo many blogs can lead to emotional down?. (haha...klu blog b2b sume citer prep canggih2, blog ibu2 citer stock ebm penuh peti ais, baby dah terror itu dan ini, birthday party 1 tahun...hmmm)

I think it still a long way to go. Marriage is a life university, and being a parent means it is a lifetime work that you cannot quit. (Aha if only that being mom, dad considered as work)

Just respect others as we might not be in the same shoes as them...Each have their own parenting skill (of course this is not a day takes years and of course with several kids). Each pregnancy is unique, each baby is unique and so do the parents! Each baby should be treated as individual (of course 5 anak 5 la perangai yg harus ibu bapa fikirkan cara nak handle...bkn sume anak sama perangai walaupun kembar seiras)...Asal bukan teran, bungkus dan buang sudahla...

Last but not least pregnancy quotes that I like (I noticed I just missed the kicking moments like here =p)

" Feeling fat last nine months but the joy of becoming mum lasts forevers"
(but the fact that some some fat sgt degil..hihi klu tak masakan produk kuruskan badan dok aim org lps bersalin, slimming centre pun amik duta artis2 yg dh bersalin)


  1. kan...sedih bila baca oang kumpul ebm byk,fully bf n i couldnt


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