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Wonderful motherhood

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


What a nice coincidence..because Afham turns 9 months. Another 3 months he will turns 1 and a week after that our 2nd anniversaries!


9 months in, 9 months out and we still do not have any stroller...


The rest I have a lot of story, but I'm really in hiatus mode....The reason I really do not blog lately because too busy, too tired...


Somehow whenever I tried to open laptop/Mac...my little one sure will come and "attack"....and when he sleep, I also sleep (mak letihla keje banyak klu amik gmbr tgk meja sure la korg pengsan)...


I tried to update lunch time, but its hard...ntah blank ke hape..


Then I now nowadays can update from handphone (but I think I hate to update from hp for all the alignment, pics and so on)


Oh ya it goes same for update from Word (again problem with pics, alignment so on)


Erk seems so many reasons..but nevermind later when I have "extra time-mood-energy" I will try to update..Insya Allah



  1. haii.. salam singgah.. sama blog name la ngan cetot :) cetot follow u ye


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