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Wonderful motherhood

Monday, December 27, 2010

Meet our little shopper

Presenting our little shopper...






My sexyback

I'm cruising checking one of hot spot jajahan supermarket I mean

Since we still not buying stroller..trolley become one of his unofficial stroller (I know supermarket trolley is not hygenic..but lps soping, kita mandi sental2 guna Sebamed). All because he no longer interested stay calmly in SSC. So at first we have to dukung alternately until when we put in trolley, he seems so happy!

And you know what? he seems enjoying trolley-stroller-momemt....and got attention from anyone..promoter Kit Kat say hi to him, Indian staff packaging sweets tooth-jajan also gave him big smile...and the rest I lost count!


Plus he also seems like shouting "Aaaa!" sesuka hati. Once he bored, he turn back and start to play with the items in trolley *tepuk dahi*..Itu belum masuk bab he wont sleep, and not even request for food/ milk...*nasib ibu dia tak soping 5jam!*

Last but not least upah shopping


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