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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Paed or dentist?

Afham turns 10 months, but still no single teeth!

Every time whenever we suspect he had fever, surely we will think "nak tumbuh gigi kot.." But still none..

Some said pacifier akan melambatkan tumbuh gigi (yes, he is pacifier-boy), but his cousin whom also paci-boy had no problem..6 months he started to have teeth.

From genetic side, I'm not side I have no idea..(erk if I asked my father I'm not sure whether he remembered kitaorg adik beradik tumbuh gigi bila)..

There's one time when we met doctor, we asked about teeth. She said some babies have their teeth quite late..around 1 year..but they might have more than 1 at one time (sekaligus tumbuh smpi 3-4 batang serentak). Ok at least the word gave some comfort..

But let say when he turns 1 year plus and still no teeth, whom we should meet to ask question (maybe some assessment)? Paed or dentist?


  1. ada baby yg dah setahun lebih tp takdak gigi lagi..tapi diorg tu cepat berjalan maria tgk..aqil dah tumbuh gigi tp masih belum berjalan..huhuh..

  2. not too worry dear...laen bb laen progress dia..that does not mean they are not mormal...dun think too much k? :)

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  4. I don't think pacifier had too much effects on teeth..just make sure not to prolong the use la..if not jadi like my sisters all gigi jadi senget


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