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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pregnancy check up and “ada jumpa blogger ke?”

Since this is my 2nd pregnancy, I think its time for me to share with you esp if you are new mum to be. Oh ya disclaimer, this is write based on personal experience since I am not medical student =p

The moment that you know that you are pregnant, it can be clueless for you and ur husband..esp if you have no sister(s) and you might be shy to ask ur friends, colleagues, and even ur mum (not my case my mum passed I learned here and there. Kdg2 encik suami kata "ibu ni belajar macam2 sume kat internet"..erk nk buat cmne kan?)

For the newly wed, pls don't do pregnancy test right after ur very first night...nope. It takes time for you to know u r pregnant. The kit is only to test ur pregnancy if ur period delayed by few days (if u have normal cycle). And don't be surprised if you notice it will be –ve result (sometimes baru2 kawen, hormone changes, ur mood also maybe sometimes it false alarm)

There are a lot of choices for the pregnancy kit. For me I never bought the expensive one, instead choose the price range rm8-10..because usually I will do it twice. The correct timing to do it is actually from the first urine since the hormone is high it will be easily detected by kit. However bear in mind, we are unique..some even actually pregnant even tho their hormone is low (tester might show blur image), but when it comes to scan actually pregnant.

Right after u confirmed pregnant, I recommend 3 things

  1. Do early scan
  2. Pregnancy check up
  3. Take care urself

Although our parents, grandparents might not encouraged to do early scan, I do not think it as good idea. The reason of early scan is to know whether it is a normal pregnancy (samada kandungan itu dalam rahim atau di luar rahim). So even tho u still not sure where u want to have proper check up, it always recommend to have first scan (usually you have to go clinic and pay it as company might not cover pregnancy scan in the medical card)

When it comes to pregnancy check up, it all depends on ur choice either government, private or even both. However it is always recommend to have check up at government as they have "Buku Merah" which ur pregnancy book that can be use at govt and private hospital as well. In case u deliver at private, but having serious complications u might be transferred to government hospital. You can always mixed, as long as you have a proper record that can be use when u want to deliver.

If you plan to have a check up at government clinic, here the step

  1. Find the gov clinic nearby ur house. You always can check here When it comes to check up, u cannot simply go any government clinic, instead they have covered the respective areas..
  2. In case ur area have several clinic, kindly check the nearest
  3. Call them (otherwise you might waste ur time and might be rejected as they have "kawasan jajahan"). When call ask the following question:-
  • Do they have klinik ibu mengandung?
  • I am staying here..(state ur Taman XYZ), can I have pregnancy check up there?
  • when I can start pregnancy check up? Immediately of after specific weeks (I noticed that some areas start immediately, some later..myself when I call last time the clinic only accept after 14 weeks and above, maybe because a lot of pregnant mom and they want those that already stable)
  • Is it open Monday – Friday? Or any specific days?
  • What time..start - end ?
  • Anything to bring?

When it comes to pregnancy, different mom have different experience (even same mom might have different experience by comparing 1st, 2nd, 3rd or even more). In general just take care of urself, eat balanced diet and healthily, take all vitamins given, have enough rest (esp if 1st pregnancy sila lah tidur sepuas2nya! Dh ada anak tidur pun kdg2 xcukup...letih kerja office, kerja rumah, itu dan ini). Plus please do not do heavy workloads esp in first trimester..First trimester is always consider fragile.

Oh also can subscribe pregnancy updates at They will send on weekly basis ..week by week development

Second part of this entry, since I do received email asking about FPP..I told my husband that there are readers of my blog asking question and they do sign up for FPP..Then husband asked me "ada jumpa blogger ke masa gi checkup?” Then I said dunno...

For 2nd pregnancy, I continue with Dr comfortable with her (plus I afraid I will get nurse at KK nagging me since the gap 1st and 2nd is close!)

So until now I'm not sure whether when I do check up at Putrajaya, I meet any of blogger or silent readers of this blog...In case you bump me there..pls say hi to me. Because for this time pregnancy check up, husband just send and fetch me.It is hard to get parking in afternoon (plus I cannot go early as the schedule always at 2pm..and I have to come all the way from office in KL...)

So if you see me alone, dont be shy...maybe later we can have a chat (esp waiting time..). Till then


  1. nanti setiap kali b4 pegi check up, i inform eh..mane tau bleh jumpe..hehe

    p/s:next app on 24/3.morning session for MGTT..

  2. salam.. i punye next checkup this coming wednesday.. u bile? :)

  3. em maria haritu pergi buat buku merah pn kena tny denga bukan br beranak die tak marah.,.die kata rezeki..;)


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