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Wonderful motherhood

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Twenty nine plus one lah!

Today I'm officially in 3 series...erk it just a figure

Plus this is the first time birthday in booo-lat version...lg sebulan +- nk berjuang di labour room

And I am happy because McD offering something to celebrate my birthday! Hahaha ape kes dan kaitannya?

meh celebrate my sila byr sendirik...hihi

Anyway at 12pm last night, encik suami gave me a sweet suprise! Yes its really a suprise for me...sbb myself mmg sah2 sudah tido, while he wait until 12 tgh malam semata2 nk wish and also bg present..Tenkiu abang..I love u!

matching wallet and handbag...

mata separuh terbukak mlm td sehingga kaler handbag pun xnmpk, disuruh bukak lampu, but I afraid karang Afham bangun plak...thehehe pagi ni br la nmpk

For the rest, I have no mood to write..personal achievement most likely in career - few things still not achieved. But most likely it is stuck because sibuk menambah bilangan anak..thehehe...Never mind maybe my luck and rezeki after 2nd one. Insya Allah


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