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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Should I call it panic attack?

About less than 3 weeks we will having our 2nd baby...but the fact tones of things still not settled

The fact that
- still not complete packed hospital bag for baby...just partial done
- still not packed my hospital bag
- still not settled with kemas 1 rumah...planning this time confinement duduk dlm bilik bawah..last time belasah naik tangga time pantang..kali ni mau lebih proper
- still not buying few items that I think its better this time I have it
- still not finished transfer knowledge to temp staff

The most important thing..adalah belum habis ganti puasa! *Ok masa Syawal hari tu ada buat puasa 6, setelah tnya ustaz baca few links boleh segregate dan dahulukan puasa 6, lps tu buatlah puasa ganti..untk dapat pahala yg dinyatakan..masa tu mmg tak de plan pregnant...yakin Afham akan dpt adik bila dia dh besar sikit,,skrg mcmana? klu kira2 rasa ada dlm seminggu jugak lagi nk kena ganti*

Aduhai..apesal lg bnyk outstanding list nih? pdhal pregnant 2nd tuh..or should I blame workload and never ending fatigue that I have?

Mintak2 by end of this weekend I can strike few things...and ganti puasa latest by next week..Insya Allah.Amin


  1. sbb bile yg 2nd, dah mcm terer kan. takde panic attack mcm the 1st one. tu yg blom packing lg tu. hehe

    anyway, all the best mommy. :)

  2. i still have more than 10 days to ganti. the fatigue still in the air.

    currently i am 3months pregnant with the lil one at 10months.

    my milk supply has been decreasing.

    can you kindly share your experience - nursing while pregnant


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