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Wonderful motherhood

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When Afham meets Alif...

Still fresh in my memory...

When I was send to the ward, it was three hours after the delivery...and husband also came together with Afham

Of course I do not expect much from Afham, since I knew he still small to understand that he already turns to big brother...

But it was beyond my expectation... encik suami holds him and showed Alif in the baby cot..and the very first reaction Afham said clearly "Baby..."

Whee...I think he picked up the word because all the while whenever he just so busy to read Pa & Ma with me "sbnrnya menyibuk nk join", I just showed any baby pics and told him "baby"

Until today he still showed to Alif and say "Baby", but we tried to teach him to call "Adik"

Sayang Adik

Yesterday, husband said...

Meh bedung Afham..dia jalan mcm king kong..sbb kecik2 tak berapa bedung

Reaction from Afham...tak rela you!


  1. congrats on your new arrival. sgt comel! rindu bau baby! :)

  2. ooh yeke... jln mcm king kong...
    farouq bedung kejap je... skg xbedung dh....
    terkangkang jer...
    plus CD pon lebar.. huhu

  3. ahahhah... Afham sgt cumil! bedung byk2 lagik.. :)

  4. King kong? Sampai hati kata anak Cikde camtu tau!


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