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Wonderful motherhood

Friday, August 26, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya semua

To all muslim readers,

This year will be our third year beraya dgn 4 anggota keluarga...To be thruthful, nasib la dlm maternity leave..maka sesi packing-mempacking tak perlula smpi kena stay up..

But, it will be a lot of things to pack! *now I wonder klu family ramai anak2 kecik balik beraya naik flight..bawak brg cmne?*

Since raya will be end of month...I just finished pay all utilities bills and housing loan, while husband will pay his loans (car so on)..The rest need to finished packing by tonight, since tomorrow we will have a long journey Puchong - Segamat - Felda Ulu Tebrau

Most concern thing, hopefully Afham will behave in the car *he is not car seat type..when we balik kedah last time, husband and me pening..nasib tak kena saman sbb budak ni*

Anyway, that's all..need to continue with some packing and listing *hopefully I can share my raya checklist only after next year blhla guna lagik..yg last year still applicable but with addition to family member the list is a lil bit longer*

Have a safe journey and selamat beraya! Maaf zahir & batin.

See u after raya

*sight, maternity leave will ended soon...3 bulan xcukup..keji kan?*


  1. haha.. aku pon dah mula rasa x ckup 3 bulan.. 6 bulan baru bagus, sbb anak dah ckup besar utk hantar kat nursery...


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