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Friday, October 28, 2011

Have you ever calculate travelling cost to office?

Very soon office will move to new office *should I called it “area elit-wisma-nerby cemetery”*. And now management asking about additional cost that will be with the impact of moving.

So I just made simple calculation.
Current: LRT KL Sentral – Bangsar : RM 1
New : LRT KL Sentral – KLCC : RM 1.60

Of course the diff. not significant as total up just RM24 (0.6 x 2 (ways) x 20 (days). Then boss asked me to calculate from home

Puchong – ERL Station Cyber – KL Sentral – KLCC

Current : 264 (minyak, tol) + 285 (monthly card) + 40 = RM 589
New : 264 (minyak, tol) + 285 (monthly card) + 64 = RM 613

But itupun dah diskaun jugak sbbnya klu ikut mileage claim 1km = RM1. Klu betul2 strict ikut tu from home to ERL Station Cyber about 20km...so cost itself pergi balik klu ikut mileage claim sehari sudah RM40, 20hari kerja total up kat situ je dah RM800!

Then if compared to current travelling allowance permonth RM65. Sigh..65 hinggit tu takat celah gigi tak gitew?

Now after calculating those costs makes me sick! *sungguhla mahal cost nk pegi kerja, itu belum lagi bab2 kos makan di area elit soon to be*

Skrg tepuk dahi, skrg makan baru RM 3 – 7 (depends amik pe), soon to be makan sah2la RM 10 ke atas...*puasa le gamaknyer*

Conclusion – carik kerja baru or carik side income..tak gitu? *skrg nk beli baju / tudung sehelai pun fikir berhari2*


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