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Monday, January 30, 2012

Credit card charge extra for my Groupon purchase

All those online voucher can drive us crazy..with so much bargain and its so easy peasy purchase right? Milkadeal, Groupon, Ilovediscount and so on..

Recently I made 2 purchase from Groupon and notice that the credit card statement showed diff figure (ha itu pun tersedar sbb nk gi anto claim form...nk claim kat company for the ACCA fee, klu tak sebab tu maybe lah xsedar extra charges kan...)

So just trying my luck gogel lah ~ hah lps tu gogel terus ke FAQ Groupon (br terkedek2 nk baca FAQ..pdhal dh soping2)

I just email to the support team like below

To :
Subject : Payment with credit card and noticed a couple of sen extra


I noticed that I’ve been charged extra ringgit by credit card for two purchase below:-
24 Dec – ABC – RM 60, but credit card charged RM 60.48 (diff RM 0.48)
26 Dec – XYZ – RM 308, but credit card charged RM 310.46 (diff RM 2.46)

Total extra charge RM 2.94

Attached here the print screen of credit card statement stated the charge for above
Understand that the amount can be refunded, kindly confirm


On the same day I received the reply below..


Thank you for your email.

We're terribly sorry for the additional charges. This happens because certain banks recognize Groupon as an international entity, therefore with this assumption, they charge an exchange rate fee which is entirely not necessary.

Our team has been alerted about this and are still working with banks to establish that surcharge is not necessary. Meanwhile, to make it up to you, we have placed RM3 worth of credits in your Groupon account.

Hope this helps. Do let me know should you need further assistance.

Have a great day. =)


Yes they really replaced the credits in my account (but the credit have expiry date – 1 year..oklah kan?). I know the amount might not significant, but it is our right as customer.

For those that pay ur Groupon purchase via credit card, pls check! And if you have similar problem don’t afraid to contact them. Till then


  1. waaaa seriyes x pernah perasann all these times...abeslaa kena check again..thx for the info..


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