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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anniversary : The plan

1. Looking for anniversary idea and I found one interesting idea...every anniversary take a pics at the same in front of ur blhla tgk progress dr tahun ke tahun rumah dh renovate kah..anak bertambah cam susah nk amik gmbr sdiri plakkan?
2. At the same time I saw ilovediscount promo for whiteroom after considering we never had a studio photoshoot, bought two voucher (hmm since one voucher for half an hour)
3. Most of the idea for anniversary, with help mr google
4. Original idea posted However not all turn as planned
5. The good thing about studio photoshoot, u don't reaaly have to bring props...just use what they have
6. Lesson learnt, googlemaps is useful to estimate travelling time but please plus 15-30 min for parking, 15-30 min for "sesi sesat ke mana2"
7. We do not have specific concept..just belasah agak2. 1st session bodeklicious + purplelicious , 2nd session RBW! But everyone dpt baju baru...pening mak carik baju tau!
8. Our photo session start 11.30 am, went out around 1030, then sbb xinclude sesat, parking...smpi almost 12pm
9. Overall photo session was enjoyful...cuma bnyk sgt gmbr Afham..since most of the time he was shy, maka lbh bnyk gmbr dia...
10. We even sang boboiboy theme song, nk bg Afham mood...haha
11. Since we were late we missed out the buffet..buffet start around 1 tp sbb tggu cd siap sume kul 130 br siap
12. Maybe will go next year kot tempat yg nk g mkn tu kot.but only two of us..
13. End up mkn kat kenny rogers..haha pstu mkn ngan anak mcm biasalah x berapa nk aman
14. Husband said its like our family outing not anniversary celebration..hahaha
15. But dlm xjd ke tempat buffet luch tu, we just have new experience...crusing at the mines ( lps tu skrg p mines afham asik request..naik bot, naik bot)
16. Entri bergambar tggu...


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