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Wonderful motherhood

Monday, May 21, 2012

FPP & TCM Hospital Putrajaya

Well I believe that I do not have to explain FPP...but since I believe more mums to be registered there let me share some personal experience

2009- early 2010
Dr Hamidah asked want to have check up either in morning or afternoon..so usually I choose morning since husband accompanied me
Waiting time not really to long
I consider not really much people aware about FPP

end of 2010 - middle of 2011
Dr Hamidah fixed the timing usually afternoon...no such request in morning
Have to wait, but I consider as okay, because can buy magazine, or have a drink, food at cafe
More and more mums to be sign up...perhaps words of mouth?

But overall service still tip top (for me)! Klu lama sgt tggu esp Dr ada emergency cases , nurse akan inform from time to time...but during pregnantkan Afham, sume check up ngan Dr Hamidah, but with Alif ada sekali check up ngan Dr Hazim, since Dr Hamidah dlm LR..

Oh ya when I delivered Alif, we still choose Executive Ward, but this time we were not able to get single room..so no choice la kan..so dpt bilik yg 2 org...but I noticed theres few diff

Single room
Have recliner chair
Have mini fridge

Double room
No recliner chair
No mini fridge

But they charge same! Mcm x aci kan...but the nurses will inform and help from time to time in case single room available...

On top of that I knew I promised to write about TCM, luckily one silent reader reminds me...so I hope you'll read on this ( klu ada pe2 blh email me ok?)

I saw TCM unit even pregnantkan Afham lg, tp no ntah x gi tnya..mebi sbb rasa xsure...then while pregnantkan Alif, while waiting for my turn usually I will walk around ( selalunya beli pau kat sbelah TCM tu). So one fine day, I just walk in and ask few question. The staff there gave me below phamplet.

I even asked few times whether FPP patient can get free postnatal massage..and the answer Yes..but must be normal delivery at Hospital Putrajaya and depends on the availability..since this unit not only cover postnatal massage..malah ada acupunture, urut makcik, pakcik, atok2 ok? So ramai jugak patient di situ..

The nurse informed that I cannot preregister myself for postnatal massage (even though we already know EDD - EDD pun bkn tepat kan psl tu xleh register awal2).

Other than postnatal massage they also have breast massage. I delivered Alif on 29th evening..so on early morning 30th nurse inform that she will bring me and another patient for breast massage..if not mistaken on 29th tu blh mlm nurse adala borak2 then I asked about breast massage TCM, then the nurse said she will help to register for morning session.

The session just simple, they just massage breast area...since I do not have engorgement so on..kakak tu urutkan just urut2 bagi lancarkan susu.The session just took about 10-15mins. Nothing to bring - minyak ke hape xpayah bawak ok?

Ok, back to postnatal massage. Husband register my name on 30th morning. He just informed TCM unit (ok I'm not sure kena isi form bagai ke..haha) but just inform them normal delivery. Then they gave 3 dates to come and a list of thing to bring on (bengkung, daun sirih, minyak urut etc). And the 3 dates were almost 2 weeks after the delivery date (kan org biasa urut lps few days je kan..ni kena tggu turn smpi dkt 2 minggu..) Of course I'm really worried, last time urut hari ke 7 bersalin pun myself dh demam mcm masuk angin, inikan plak kena tggu...

But to my suprised this time ok..xde demam so on.Phew. So I just follow the appoinment date

Oh ya all the postnatal massage is within 1 hour. No extension of time..yelah nama pun free plus they are like non stop ada je patient

Day 1
I bring those items in list. But daun sirih dh layu (simpna dlm peti ais..) so kakak tu guna daun lain yg (she went outside petik daun ape ntah..)

The session start with checking blood pressure, ada isi form jugaklah...(nk tau details kot2 ada alergik ke hape) plus ada amik darah (tp sekali tu jelah)

Then kakak urut tu explain a little bit here and there - urut 3 hari, then ada 3 hari lagi untk penutup pantang.
Day 1 will be light massage - lebih kpd mcm nk check part mana kena tumpukan.
Day 2 - massage whole body tp lebihkan pada part2 yg problem.
Day 3 - light massage.

Then they inform sengkak (naikkan peranakan) only will be done during penutup pantang. Reason klu sengkak awal2 ni sakit.yelah baru nk sembuh tiba plak kena sengkak..so they prefer to sengkak during penutup pantang. And kakak urut ni pun inform, klu peranakan dah elok, tak perlu sengkak

So the session started with bertungku. Kakak ni ajar cara yg betul untuk bertungku. Tungku xpayah bawa..guna tungku batu Hospital je. Kakak ni tolong panaskan dan ajar cara tungku esp part perut..part2 lain kakak ni tungku lebih kurang je

Then massage. I brought Minyak Herbanika Nona Roguy...but kakak tu just guna minyak yg diorg ada. The for Krim Barut they use what I bring (Krim Barut Nona Roguy), but ada gak kakak tu mention ada patient bawak krim yg Nora Danish jd jurucakap tu (xingat pe nama la). In case urself allergic bolehla bawak minyak urut sendiri

Last sekali kakak tu tolong pakaikan bengkung...

Ok smbil2 tu bolehla borak2...tnya2 la pe2 petua ke hape...tp me segan sikit..so tnya gitu2 je

End of session one, kakak tu bgtau pemakanan masa bersalin so on

Day 2 & Day 3
Same like previous day..tapi tungku part perut je..urut dan pakaikan bengkung

Penutup pantang
If not mistaken I got myself on day 41,42, 43...(oh ya they open during weekday only so xdelah ikut exact last day pantang ke hape..)

Penutup pantang day 1,2 & 3
Masih sama..tungku perut, urut seluruh badan, dan pakai bengkung..Sengkak hari ke 3 penutup pantang. Tapi kakak tu dh inform awal2, klu demam, makan panadol..sbbnya dia kata kdg ada patient demam urat. True enough sbbnya myself demam on the 44th day!

Overall services really good (even though free) they massage the whole body, klu rasa xtahan sakit just bgtau nanti kakak tu adjust accordingly..Sebenarnya bnyk ilmu2 perbidanan boleh tnya kat diorg

Ok for now..Later I will upload with pics so on...kena post cepat2 entry ni before my silent reader yg tnya tu bersalin (sorry..anything can email me ya?)

Website to refer : http://www.hpj.gov.my/portalv10/index.php/en/unit/tcm


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