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Wonderful motherhood

Friday, September 21, 2012

The naked truth : anak rapat selang setaun..

Hoho budget tajuk xingat..mcm ala2 investigation...

I hope my entry will not make mum to be with no 2 become so scary....this entry is just like some sort of luahan rasa (xtau la ada ka nk baca?)

Eh lupa mesti org budget ala anak rapat selang setaun pun bkn smpi 5-6 anak...fine..xpa..tu masing2 punya hak la...

When I found out that I'm pregnant with no 2 Afham just about 7 months plus...emotion was high and down..mixed feeling whether I can cope with the responsibilities...the truth that until now I consider myself not a good mum..maybe trying to become better mom

The fact that or the past 2 years plus I don't have enough sleep, bad time management, haywire life, rumah tongkang karam, baju x jumpa...ini itu ntah kat mana2. And of course never ending enough sleeping. I have to admit that sometimes I am not really sick, but I am just too tired and need some rest (of course in this case sleep), so I will tell my boss that I am on MC. But suprisingly most of the time when I met the doctor, they scan give MC with reason that I have s slight fever..pelik tp benar...ntah emosi dan badan buat jd demam kot

And actually I think I've become I-dun-care-what- people-say...sbbnya when most of collegue knew that I'm pregnant with no 2...mostly will say cepatnya..power seh and so on..but on the other side there still some collegue that say some good word like 'xpa anak rapat ni..penat time kecik2 ni...' and the truth people still talk...we cannot stop them...even alif hits 1, while afham 2 yo..ada jumpa kwn2 lama bila tnya umur anak...diorg komen 'powerla setaun satu'....ok just smile and then lantaklah labu dah berkali2 dgr imunkan sajalah telinga

I would say its super tiring physically and emotionally..I dun have me time, no massage, no social life, not making more friends and so fact I lost my patience a lot of time...husband pun pening kata apesal la asik terjerit2..ok jerit2 marahkan anak, pukul bila dah tahap maksimum hulk hogan..

Ok I will continue part 2..not enough time to express the whole motherhood tiring stories..


  1. Hi Raihan, salam kenal. mmgbetol ada anak dua org dekat2 mmg penat. social life pun xde sbb sibuk besarkan anak2. saya dha lalui..infact lepas tiga bulan deliver baby, saya expecting another baby. so dlm masa tiga thn, saya ada 4 babies. cer imagine camne kalutnye hidup..tapi alalh snetiasa permudahkan. cuma kita kena extra strong, and cergas selalu. setuju tak?


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