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Wonderful motherhood

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sapu sawang....

Erm not sure where to start...

Afham discharged from hospital on 12.12.12, still monitoring and understand here and there HSP.

Work wise, hmmm I think most of the time went home late...kul 8-9 mlm br nk keluar balik bad join the co during super peak season.

To be serious I think I will work with this co the most 1 year..yeah maybe I still prefer to get experience in supervisor role (jd supervisor leh review, leh taichi2... Haha bkn sume blh taichi ye...kena tapis2 gak)

So I have so called "resignation plan cum plan to become temporary housewife". I already told husband on my plan..maybe around aug2013, will send the resignation letter and last day will be around nov 2013 (for permanent staff need 3 months notice...xkisahla dh brapa lama keje...payah kan). Insya Allah jadi SAHM untuk sebulan dua...xnak rush2 cari keje..but for this 1 year  need to save some money for the least 400-500 per months jugakla kena save aside.

My plan for so called temporary SAHM, nak potty train Afham and Alif...kemas2 rumah, wat super spring cleaning, nak decorate maybe cat mana2 patut...( yeah not totally 100% saham sbb still hantar both boys bila dh nak sesi2 cat, kemas rumah ni, klu tak xsiap ape2 plan plak).not to mention perhaps update all the backdated entries for this blog... Husband seems ok with the idea.

Hopefully it will turn as planned, plus maybe blhla time tu g spa ke. For past several years I hardly take long klu resign pastu gap nk start keje baru cam kejap this time I really need "me time"

Thats all for time being


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