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Monday, March 4, 2013

Home organizing & improvement : Label ideas

While browsing organizing blogs, I found few great ideas.

washi tape.label maker.clear label maker tape

adhesive vinyl.chalk marker.craft puncher

Such a great ideas! Thinking to apply for my "organizing plan"...but the only thing I have only label maker. Need to find for clear label maker tape (not a big problem, can get it even from Jusco)

For washi tape, if not mistaken can get from Daiso. Seems ok at least we know one item RM5

Then move to adhesive vinyl.chalk marker.craft puncher. Craft puncher can easily get from Daiso, but if not mistaken it comes with small pattern.So to get those bigger puncher can gound here http://www.scrap-n-crop.com

Scallop Punch RM69.90

Flourish Square Large Punch RM82.90

For adhesive vinyl, seems hard to get it..I manage to found this- Silhouette Adhesive Vinyl Starter Kit


Starter kit includes:
•4 sheets of premium vinyl (9" x 24" of black, white, dark pink, leaf green)
•10 feet of premium transfer paper
•Silhouette hook
•Silhouette scraper
•exclusive download card good for 10 vinyl designs
•idea booklet and instruction guide
•instructional DVD

Browsing also etsy, but to one sheet vinyl can cost about RM36 and above (12" x 24" sheet plus shipping). Maybe akan lambat sampaila (never buy anything from etsy)

Chalk marker also seems hard to find in Malaysia. Again based on etsy, 1 chalk marker can cost around RM40 (item plus shipping). Oh my...rega sebatang lipstick tuh!

OMG...apesal Malaysia ni xde barang2 ni..Then while searching for chalk marker, I found some seller will give it free with purchase of vinyl chalkboard labels. The price if not mistaken range from RM65 and above (topup dlm 30 dr harga sebatang chalk marker dah dapat label plus marker)

Almost forgotten, I should show some awesome idea from vinyl chalkboard labels and chalk marker

Etsy drives me nuts! Found few custom label...Wah...awesome (poket pun kena awesome jugak...klu ikut nafsu nafsi ni habis duit kat etsy je)

Custom Canister Labels

 Custom Canister Vinyl Labels

Custom Oval Canister Vinyl Labels

Total damage = adhesive vinyl starter kit 139.90.chalk marker plus vinyl chalkboard labels around 70 (alang2 beli marker baik beli set je kot).craft puncher 69.90 = Almost RM300 *pitam..beli tapi klu tak buat rugi besar tuh*

Maybe for time being use only whatever I have - my label maker (the most pun beli washi tape and also clear label maker tape).

But seeing organized Jen's pantry makes me wanna it *hoho..again nafsu nafsi.I don't want to make big hole esp from my pocket..sobs =( *

how I wish can have pantry like this..tnya husband dia kata boleh je buat..
tp rumah bukan besar mana sgt pun

Dear readers, if you can find this at a little bit cheaper do let me know...who knows maybe you have better ideas or perhaps ada yg sudi tolong belikan while visiting overseas ke?

(Saw previously some promo blackboard decal - should be something like chalkboard label punya kertas kan..but it come with chalk not chalk marker...sobs..


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