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Wonderful motherhood

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A visit to 3M Innovation Center, Shah Alam

Last Saturday four of us (me, husband, Afham & Alif) visited 3M Innovation Center, Bukit Jelutong. The visit is to understand 3M and which later I will blog products review from 3M. But meantime for this entry I will share the experience at the Innovation Center

If I asked you whether you have heard 3M or know any 3M products? I guess most of us can answer just one or two products..its either Post It Note or Scotch Brite (itu pun kalau betul2 korang perasan la)

Source here
Macam2 ada

Taken from 3M Malaysia, below are the products and services they have. And for the actual fact they have tonnes of products from the smallest (inside your smart phone, laptop) to the office and household.

You can read some of review on the Innovation Center here

Oh ya…me and my family is not the only person visited the Innovation Center, but we are together with other bloggers (we are the only Malay family, while the rest are Chinese…pastu xsempat nk beramah mesra..uhuks maybe since this is my first time attending something with blogger plus bawak anak..)

Bear in mind camera is not allowed while at the Innovation Center (except lobby area). So I only can share the information (while the pictures are from google)

The Innovation Center displays their innovative product and to my understanding it will update and keep changing (means that if I visit in 3 months later, the displays might be totally other things!)

The first area shows Occupacional Health & Environment Safety – items like safety googles, body protection, head and face protection. The staff even showed a magic – special mat and egg (the egg do not crack when she throw to the mat..)

3M pun ada produce this product
Then followed to the Automotive and Transportation Industries. 3M have actually do produce the yellow signboard (they even show how innovative their product compared to other competitiors). Also we have some special experience…tapi Afham asyik tanya kenapa tutup lampu (kena tutup lampu sbb 3M nak tunjuk jalan waktu malam..dan hujan..line2 putih kat jalan tu jadik cmne lps kena air hujan..3M products mmg the best because they even better than JPJ specs) besides, many other stuffs shown there (car tinted, some car products)

One of 3M products are Futuro Sports, those comfort and support ankle, knee, elbow and such (I never know it until visited the center!)

3M also ventured in healthcare. I just know about 85% hospital in Malaysia use Litmann stethoscope, which one of 3M products. Even those dental stuffs are 3M products.
Cer tanya doc stethoscope tu brand apa? klu litmann maka dari 3M

I think the most exiting areas are home area, because it is set up something like home…siap ada mini office tau (cantik and give some ideas for me to organise so called or home office area). It shows Scotch Brite, post it note, water purification and other home products.

Earlier, since we were the first one to arrive, Alif siap pinjam penyapu sambil buat aksi menyapu kat 3M Innovation Center.

We also saw other areas of product – library section, office projector, and so much more (I couldn’t list because they really have so many products in one company)

We also showed with some slide shows and simple presentation. Tea break also provided (sedap kuih udang!! Alif, afham xberenti makan)..Even there is photo session with all bloggers and 3M staffs.

Before we went home, we also had a chance to visit their lab for lab test on water sample (before and after using 3M water filter). Oh ya, there were few questions raised while at lab..like why some water filters claimed the water will taste sweet/ better…and why some even have 6 cartridges. Jean answered that 6 catridges to filter sediment, chlorine and add some minerals to the water. That’s why some water will have taste due to mineral add on.

Overall experience was really good. We now know that 3M started as a company produced sandpaper, but now growing with so many products. Oh ya we do not coming back empty handed as everyone received their goody bag. My kids also got a 500ml BPA free water bottle each.

Not one paper bag but two - me and husband

Each goody bag ada macam2

Alif dan Afham dapat botol tutup kaler biru dan kuning

Good news, those interested to visit 3M Innovation Center you can contact them, rasanya diorang akan buka untuk public with a group of 10 persons and above. Saw at their boards, some companies (even rasa sekolah pun ada) had visited them previously.

Thanks you 3M for the chance! Do visit their website http://solutions.3m.com.my/wps/portal/3M/en_MY/World/Wide/#


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