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Monday, June 3, 2013

HiShop : online beauty and cosmetics store

When it comes to cosmetic or skin care, I never bought it online.

Maybe the main reason because I cannot try it like we use to try over the counter or perhaps while at Watson/ Guardian.

Recently, I just change my mind…maybe because for almost 4 years I never bought any cosmetics. Blame all the pregnancy hormone and struggling with motherhood. Yes nowadays most of the time I am really with natural beauty…no lipstics (not even lip balm) and so on.

Since most of the blogger wrote about Farmasi cosmetics, it makes me really want to try it. The main reason because it is halal. Then I found that I can purchase cosmetic and skin care from HiShop http://www.hishop.my/

I hope this would not be the last one I shop for cosmetic via online, because shopping with toddlers at the real shop really dragging my energy (beli groceries pun aduyai..tu belum lg beli baju and so on. That’s why I just love online shopping)

About HiShop (taken from the website)

HiShop [ pronounced as hai-shop ] is an online beauty and cosmetics store. We only carry Genuine Products and we believe that beauty should be made accessible for everyone – anytime and anywhere. 

I really love the experience with the website. Few reasons as below
1. Beauty cart – it is your cart. I used to shopping online but most of the time they use cart term, but this is totally different (haha..even when I tried to find the cart I was a little bit blur until I just realised beauty cart is actually shopping cart

2. You are logged in as beautiful (your name) – This makes me feel like really beautiful and drag to click more stuffs!! (Bahaya!!!)

3. 2 Free sample with any purchase – Ok who does not like free stuffs right (even tiny miny…janji free kan?)

4. Free nationwide delivery for over RM50 purchase - another point to shop…klu xcukup RM50 korang ajakla kawan2 join sekali sampai amount cukup RM50

5. They have wide brand..nak senang Shop By Brand…so bolehla tgk brand ape yg ada

Kang kalau tak tnjuk printscreen korang tak caye…so below here the printscreen (I already circles those point above in the below printscreen) 

So, you might want to know what exactly I purchase…here the list (except later blusher tu edit jd 1..bnyk2 sape nk pakai?)

Don't forget the 2 free items..!

And I am so lucky because I got additional discount (found it while looking for HiShop review…sorry couldn’t remember exact link..but valid till 30/6/13 with T&C)

I still not yet received the things, but from google the items that we buy will be delivered in lovely pink box like below..Aww lovely pink, you can recycle it for storage other things.

Again for those looking online shopping for cosmetic and skin care, choose HiShop

Will blog later once receive the stuffs (Ok I am a little bit worried whether blusher and compact power tu pecah ke tak…mintak2 jgn le ye)


  1. Zurai, kite ade jual kosmetik halal + boleh dibawa bersolat, seperti bedak kompek untuk semua ton warna dan lipstik ikut warna darah. Harga berpatutan. Bole call/sms/whatsapp 0199353481. Fb : rezekiumi.

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