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Friday, August 16, 2013

Promo : Button Buttons

I knew most of bloggers already post about Raya updates…hmm for me I am still digesting kuih raya, kerepek and so on (after a long holiday suddenly my idea lost in between of ketupat, lodeh, rending etc. Not to mention I just feel stressed with weight gain – not too sure to blame raya or because I have stopped on Depo Provera!)

My sis just started her part time biz, and since there is ongoing promotion I feel like I want to share with you

Ayat promo 
tgk sume dh post kat fb,insta,blog gambar raya cun2 kata dr simpan gambar raya cun2 tu dlm hp/kamera kita jdkan button fridge magnet/ keychain...rm20 tu xtermasuk postage..for more 
(leh tgk contoh2 lain kat sana)..both FM/ keychain sama saiz

Hehe afham, alif and the family jadik model x berbayat...^_^

Ni contoh..

Tunggu ape lagi..cepat order (xpayah post entri raya kot sbb promo tu dh ada gambar raya taun ni)


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