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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

101 family picture tips and ideas

I think nowadays photography really can makes money *hmm boleh tak tukar nk jd photographer plak?*. Nowadays it’s like a trend, each significant point eg pregnancy, newborn, birthday, you can hire a photographer (even with minimal budget!). Just look out through the net – fb, google, those discount website ; milkadeal, ilovediscounts etc

For us, I think I will try to make it at least once a year (Husband, if you read..sila sabar ye..). The main reason because I think it is hard to get the whole family picture. Can you imagine while cuti2 malaysia or even raya the picture all of us can be count less than 5! Itu pun like last minute..

So far we had 3 family photo shoot (2 outdoor and 1 indoor). The recent one will be shared later…I didn’t spend too much on the cost because all the while I will look from promotion (the most important criteria - within budget and I can get all the pictures!..penat pose klu takat dpt 20 copy je)

Because some of the promotion will cost extra for certain things like - get all pictures, to shoot on weekend, to shoot other than their coverage, even sometimes more than like 4 person they will charge for additional headcount! So please check the details esp if you bought from those discount website

When I was searching for some family picture ideas, I stumble to this page…this is really awesome. It has almost everything – location, pose, props…

Here some basic outline/ tips when considering family photo shoot

The Photographer
The Location - home, outdoor
The Props - balloon, frame,
The Poses - stack em up, hold hands, natural
The Clothes
How to Look Good
Getting the Kiddos to Cooperate - erm tang ni cam payah
Getting Your Hubby On Board - paksa rela kot, haha
Ordering Pictures
Displaying Pictures
A Few Last Tips

I love all the pictures from the tips but somehow few of my fav

I wish one fine day to have tonnes of balloon as props..erm tp kena helium kan?

Cam comel kan?

I love no 6...hehe haritu masa amik gambar pasrah je xwat pose ni sbb nk handle alif

colourful and look nice!

For those that would like to have family photo shoot, this is the must read!

Stay tune for our outdoor pics :)

Bg teaser sikit 

Cheeky Afham..suka suki dia je pose

Huhu penat ibu tiup belon..nasib props membantu mood Alif bergambar

Among our last shoot


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