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Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to organize your personal information

I remembered my late mother used to keep our birth certificates inside in an envelope, together with some other important documents. Whenever we needs it, we need to asked “mak simpan kat mana xxxx?”

Now as a wife and mother, we not only keep our personal things…we also need to keep husband’s thing plus the kids. So my entry today basically about organize personal information.  

I would consider organizing personal information as IMPORTANT. In case of emergency or so on, we might not able to locate it (so you will end up looking entire house for a birth certificate)

First thing first you need to decide where you are going to keep your information. I bet most likely we will keep it in the bedroom

Secondly you need to categorise and consider which falls under personal information. Card credit statement? Jewellery? And so on..

So here I shared something that I have practiced quite some times
1. Get few clear folder and I decided to label it with 3 main categories – Saving passbook, health record and birth, marriage certs and passports

2. Saving passbook folder to keep all those passbook. I knew nowadays people go paperless with no passbook and online banking, but I still need to keep our passbook

3. Health record folder to keep all pregnancy record (buku merah), my kids health record (ala buku g klinik gomen cucuk tu), hospital bills and so on so forth. (even buku derma darah pun ada walau kami berdua pernah derma darah sekali je kot)

4. Birth, marriage certs and passports folder to keep all all certs..

5. Then all the folder dumped into one big plastic folder with label “Personal Information”

6. As time passing by, you always can add another folder…perhaps sijil tadika anak2…(ops big no for another sijil nikah!)

7. Last but not least keep it somewhere where you and your partner can easily access (yeah I keep in somewhere in bedroom), but please make sure not reachable by the kids.

This is just one of the example, because I do have few others documents but since takde masa nk amik gambar (mood ke laut skrg, sbb asal pegang kamera Alif sure datang kacau..dia pun nk amik gambar gak)


  1. dah lama dah cari idea camne nak file semua personal info kite...pasni boleh cuba this method..

  2. sungguh suka! lbh kurang cara kita, beza sikit2 je tang folder gitu..basically mmg keep all the doc together...senang nak carik :)

  3. hari tu dah belek2 clear folder tu nk letak personal documents sume ni la...nape tah tak jadi nak dlm otak memang dok fikir nak organize semua docs tu..huhu~

  4. yg menyedarkan saya nnt bila berkahwin..thanks...


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