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Wonderful motherhood

Monday, September 23, 2013

Potty train

At first I thought to have potty train for Afham and Alif, but this idea is totally unrealistic..The reason is just simple, I don’t think Alif is ready while Afham still at the stage of understanding

First, my plan to potty train Afham while I am not working..but it was a little bit though (he understand but if whenever we asked to go toilet end up with nothing). Perhaps he still not ready

Then, whenever we went back to Kedah..he noticed that his cousin (Muhammad - sama umur cuma Muhammad tua sebulan lebih je) is diaperless most of the time (except night). So we always said “Muhammad dah besar, xpakai pampers”

It turn to be a mantra in a good way “Afham dah besar cam Muhammad, xpayah pakai pampersla”..this was likely at early stage to persuade him for potty train.

Then slowly I followed some said I should train on weekend like every 30 minutes bring him to the toilet (rasa somewhere April/May this year kot)

So I bought  few potty pants…On weekend, pakaikan dia (he just so happy to see the cartoon on pants). Then bring him to toilet every 30 minutes…ada waktu dia pee, ada waktu xde pe2 hasil la kan? Start with about few hours then slowly tambahla masa…

But sometimes, it doesn’t really work…sbbnya during weekend sometimes I cooked and doing some stuffs in the kitchen..(time2 tu takle monitor every 30 minutes) Cuma pesan kat husband la kan..End up ada la adegan terbabas and so on.

Hmm then I think I am almost give up. Husband suggest I should do on daily…maksudnya bkn dia xpakai pampers tapi lebih kepada train masuk toilet..So everyday pagi2 dia bangun tido ajak ke toilet, malam sebelum tido ajak lagi ke toilet..It’s like repetitive process and at the same time keep on tell “Afham dah besar xyah pakai pampers”

It works for sometimes, then later whenever I asked him to go toilet he answered “ Afham kencing dalam pampers ajelah” (erk dah malas nk ikut train ke hape…xtaule)

So the whole potty train like keep on and off…hehe sama2 x konsisten, time myself rajin, dia malas..ada waktu dia rajin myself plak dh penat (sometimes kita dh balik keje, rasa tdo paling best..so kdg2 bila dia request, kita plak yg kata xyah masuk toilet la) Ada waktu yg ok mmg okla

I think after raya, I noticed something..he keep asking to change the diaper..pdhal rasa cam dia kencing sikit je, tapi he insisted to change it…so it gave us sign that he might be ready for full potty train.

So he already started on potty train..he keep saying “Afham dah besar xyah pakai pampers”..So far so good, even bring him out to Tesco (but bring diaper in case la kan). We still put him on diaper for night (time2 nk tdo pakaikan…tapi selalu dia asikla kata afham dah besar x yah pakai pampers…so kena pujuk2 sikit kata malam2 kena pakai sbb Mak Su pakaikan Muhammad pampers..so afham pun sama cam tu)

For potty train I think, we can consider 30% success…sbb siang mmg dh ok, cuma tak continue lg kat nursery (rasa sbb kat sana kwn2 dia still on diaper..tapi kalau pagi2 hantar dia skrg, afham mmg request xnak pakai pampers)..malam2 tang nk tdo tu maybe slowly la kena train kot (because some night he will ask for milk)

Oh ya, for the pee I thing no problem, while for poo mula2 cam payahla pulak. I bought him potty train seat (cam bawah), tapi xpenah sekali pun dia pakai. We even scared if later he will need diaper just for poo session..To my surprised recently he went to the toilet to poo.

Boleh pulak dia masuk toilet, pstu dah siap dia panggil suh basuh (ingat just pee..rupanya dh selamat qada hajat)

Elok2 lepas basuh je, dia cakap “Afham dh leh gi school cam upin sbb yak kat bilik air”

Haha sbbnya all the while, I told him our plan to send him to kindy next year (Insya Allah)..so nk bagi contoh paling senang cakapla school cam upin ipin (nursery pun school gak, tapi  school upin ipin ni dia pahamla school ada teacher, ada kaler2 nyanyi and so on..) penahla cakap upin ipin xpakai pampers psl tu boleh g school. Nampak gaya cara mcm ni sedikit sebanyak berkesan untuk dia

Alif on the other hand pun terikut2 sbb kdg2 dia akan ikut g toilet “alif nk cing”..bukak la diaper dia bg join afham and to my surprise mmg dia betul2 pee (ada gak waktu x pee,tp layankan aje)

So mommies, I believe we have to try and error. Different kids have different level of readiness (some at early stage, some might be late…some have put more encouragement..siap ada yg ada chart tampal star every time ke toilet…ada gak yg train few times je dh success, ada yg kena amik masa)..after all it’s part of a motherhood journey J

Lepas ni kena beli soft potty seat cam bawah ni pulak…sbbnya kesian pulak dia guna toilet cam kita ni

Will update once he passed his potty train (harap2 sebelum g school next year dh settle tang ni)


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