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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Recipe : Yogurt Cheezy Layer

For Sponsored Post Opportunity: NESTLE Natural Set Yogurt Recipe Challenge, I decided to try a new recipe.

Of course one of the ingredient is NESTLE Natural Set Yogurt

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In addition, we cannot duplicate the listed dishes given by Nestle & Nuffnang, preparation time no more 20 minutes per dish and cost of ingridients should be less than RM 30 per dish.

Pretty tough for not an expert like me.

I bought all the ingredients from Tesco (nak g kedai baking ke hape camne..bawak 2 org budak cam payah), and total cost less than RM 30.

So after combining some recipes  here I presented

Yogurt Cheezy Layer
For yogurt cheesy
250g cream cheese at room temperature
200g whipped cream
150g NESTLE Natural Set Yogurt
90g sugar

For filling and topping 
100g chocolate chips
Almond flake

Some of ingredients - Nestle Natural Set Yogurt, Tatura cream cheese, Emborg whipping cream, Oreo, Tesco almond flake, Tesco choc chip

1. For easy chocolate syrup (filing) - Boil chocolate chips and some water. Stir until choc chip completely melted.

2. For yogurt cheezy
- Whip cream cheese and sugar til soft and fluffy.
- After that,mix in the yogurt In a separate container whip the whipping cream until thick and stiff
- Mixed the cream mixture into the yogurt cheese mixture

3. Now for layering part
- Put some yogurt cheezy
- Followed by chocolate syrup
- Put again yogurt cheezy
- Oreo time (you can crumb it, simply put the whole oreo..for myself patah sikit terus masuk)
- Yogurt cheezy

Ni dah buh cream cheese and chocolate syrup as filling

Folowed by cream cheese and oreo..oreo tu pun patah lebih2 kurang..pstu leh buh yogurt cheezy

4. Drizzle chocolate syrup and almond flake for topping

Drizzle chocolate syrup and almond flake..sorry bab deco makanan ni x berapa expert

5. Keep in the refrigerator for  a while or overnights. Best serve chilled.

You can always have different filling and topping - marie biscuit, M&M, blueberry filling, fuits etc. Not to mention you can have more layer and use nice long glass / container. For this recipe I got about 5 serving...

My kids enjoy this dessert ( erm actually baru boh peti ais sejam je depa dh nak makan..habis satu setengah bekas gak masa tu) ..They enjoy the creamy cheezy (cream cheese, cream, yogurt), crunchy (oreo, almond) and of course chocolate (choc chip).

Big yay because I can include yogurt inside (my kids only knew chocolate inside..ha ha)

Some fun fact of NESTLÉ Natural Set Yogurt
  • It is a healthy ingredient that makes your curries richer and tastier. 
  • Each serving of 100g contains only 57kcal and 1.6g of fat compared to 28.3g of fat in the same amount of santan (coconut milk). 
  • Above that it offers a refreshing base for dips, a perfect marinate sauce and creates mouth watering desserts and smoothies as well.

Till we meet again perhaps for another recipe :)


  1. Nice recipe... Must give a try then , thanks for sharing

  2. Salam Raihan,

    Ayu terlambat hantar nak join this sponsored post opportunity ni. So x dapat join la. Kuikuikui.
    Nampak sedap and I think my kid would love it too.

    Anyway nak exchange link boleh? Sebab Ayu baru tukar URL. Before this my URL would be My new URL would be
    Let me know ye?

    Thank you

  3. cam kuar kat jalan2 cr makan smlm jerk...nk cubelah...;)


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